Holistic Addiction Therapy Program

Treating Mind, Body, and Spirit

Woman enjoys her life thanks to her holistic addiction therapy programHolistic therapy is often defined as a therapy that treats the whole person: mind, body, and spirit. To that end, holistic therapy addresses the psychological, physical, and spiritual dimensions of one’s life. The use of holistic therapy for addiction (or for any kind of health concern) is based on a belief that the health of one aspect of the self — mind, body, or spirit — is also directly related to the health of the other two and that the entirety of a person is the sum total of these three dimensions.

For this reason, holistic therapies have become more and more prevalent in traditional medical environments. We routinely incorporate the practices of yoga, meditation, exercise, adventure/experiential therapy and other forms of body-centric work into physical and psychological treatment programs.


Holistic Therapy as a Complement to Addiction Treatment

In treatment for drugs or alcohol, the challenges of new-found sobriety are multi-dimensional. A sense of wholeness is essential to recovery. However, it’s natural for clients in early treatment to feel disjointed, overwhelmed, disillusioned, and wrought. A solid drug rehabilitation program in New Hampshire that incorporates a holistic therapeutic component alongside its clinical modalities can help clients heal both physically as well as emotionally and spiritually also.

By treating a client’s mental and emotional state, we can then begin to find a total healing option for their needs. Holistic treatment revolves around the idea that each of our parts affects each other and the whole. Therefore, true healing can not come from focusing on one facet of our health.


The 12 Steps and Holistic Addiction Treatment in New Hampshire

At our primary inpatient drug rehab centers, Green Mountain Treatment Center and New Freedom Academy, holistic therapies are built into each client’s daily schedule. As a complement to their 12-Step work and clinical therapies, clients will participate in the following:

Our Extended Care facilities also incorporate holistic therapies into weekly scheduling, complementing individual and group psychotherapies and 12-Step study. You can reach the Granite Recovery Centers by calling 855.712.7784 . Our team of experts can help make your transition into treatment as simple as possible.

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