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Stories of Addiction Recovery: Spencer Meng

The holidays can be pretty intimidating and traumatic as an alcoholic. Whether in active recovery or in active abuse of alcohol, triggers to use are everywhere. Family. Holiday parties. Stress. But getting help, not picking up–could change your family, your life forever. Part of what makes Granite Recovery Centers so successful in helping people find freedom from drug addiction is our community of alumni. Our Real People in Real Recovery is no joke. Our community, our family of employees, speakers, and alumni tribe we hold close. And often, our clients become employees–so inspired by the help they got here, that they want to be a part of the movement, and give back. Spencer Meng is an alumni of the Granite Recovery Centers’ drug rehab program. He is also an Admissions Specialist at the corporate headquarters of Granite Recovery Centers. Here is Spencer’s story:


They Thought I Was Sober, But I Wasn’t

I’m no longer that elephant in the room when it comes to being with my family, because they all drink. I mean, they’re not alcoholics, but they drink. So, I would drink non-alcoholic beer in front of them, and then go in the other room and pound beers, so that then they would think I was drinking non-alcoholic beer, when I was actually drinking. There was a period of time there that they thought I was actually sober when I wasn’t. In fact, when I had my ninth seizure in front of them, I had bought a year medallion on Ebay… and showed them it and said, “See, I’m sober, I don’t know why I’m having these,” that’s how insane I was.

But Then…

I Admitted I Was Done. And From There Forward, Here I Am.

I went to alcohol rehab. Today, my family is very honest with me. They’ve told me, through the amends process and everything else, of what I dragged them through. We’re like that (alcoholics)… bulls in the china shop. I mean, that’s what we are. We go through and we just tear stuff up. Bridges from friendship, from family relationships get burned during an alcoholic’s period of use, but they can also be mended, and for instance, my dad was the Best Man at my wedding. Never would have thought I could have told you that four years ago.

Regaining Trust Takes Time

I am now best friends with my brother again. But when I was going in and out of treatment for ten years, it got to a point where my family – especially my siblings – were like, “How is this gonna be any different?” And, in fact, with my brother, when I made amends to him on the beach in Sanibel Island, Florida, he said to me, he’s like, “What’s going to be different this time, Spencer?” And I said, “All I can give you is time.”

And Now…

My Mom Never Thought This Day Would Come

My family all just celebrates life that much more now because they know their youngest son is okay. I mean, my mom, during our first dance at the wedding, she just kept on saying, “I didn’t think this day was ever going to come.” ‘Cause they just, they – they were lost. I willingly made the decision to want to go to treatment. And that was really when I hit that Step One. I admitted I was done. And from there forward, here I am.

I Wake Up Now, and It’s a Good Day.

The peace that I have inside today that I didn’t have for so long because I was constantly searching for some outside source to – to fill that void. And I don’t have that anymore. I wake up and I’m just like, “It’s a good day.” I’m content and I don’t have to wash any of my fears or anything away. I confront them every day. And take life by the horns and just do today the way it’s supposed to be.

Watch the full video interview with Spencer:

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