Stories of Addiction Recovery: Keith’s Story

Rebuilding Relationships After Drug Addiction

Rebuilding relationships is often an extremely difficult step in the process of drug addiction recovery. Through drug rehab treatment at Granite Recovery Centers, clients are asked to take stock of the results of their addiction. This helps them better understand why getting well is so important to their own well-being; but also to the well-being of the relationships around them. Here, we talk to Keith Kraemer, Director of Case Management at Green Mountain Treatment Center, and a successful alumni of our continuum of care. Here, we learn more about his own addiction and its impact on his most important relationships.

I don’t know know if I’d be here today…

A big part of my recovery came from the work that my family was given by the professionals that showed me how to do this, and how to get well. I think it has been paramount to my experience working here, because if someone didn’t tell my mother, “You’re enabling your son, and you’re continuing to allow him to be sick”; I don’t know if I’d be here today.

They (Green Mountain Treatment Center) set the path for me. And it was my job to walk it.

“You never have to go back to the way you were living before”

So that day came when I was being discharged, and I went to a sober house. Signed up for six months. I can remember what my first sponsor said to me, he goes, “Keith you never have to go back to the way you were living before, if you keep doing this work.”


Rebuilding relationships that I didn’t think were reparable

I was able to rebuild relationships that I didn’t think were reparable. The most powerful one I think I’ve ever had was with my sister. When I made the amends to her, you know we cried, and we laughed. I owned everything that I had done.

And she looked at me and she said, “What you can do to make it right is be the godfather to my daughter”.

And I thought she was crazy. I said, “I’m the crazy one. What are you thinking?”

And she’s like, “Well, I’ve watched you over the last year… and everything that you’ve done, and everything you’ve changed about yourself. There’s no one I would rather ask”.

And that really showed me from the outside looking in, what other people were seeing. It’s something else to be given a responsibility like that, when for the last ten years all I cared about was taking and never being able to give back…to anybody.

This is what I was meant to do

So, when those things slowly started to come back to me, I was like, “Okay, this is what I’m meant to do.” And some of the families that I’ve been able to work with, some of the clients that I’ve been able to work with…remind me so much of myself, and my family. And to be able to talk to them about my experience, and my family’s experience, and what they did to get better so that I could…

I hope and I pray that it’s helping them, because if it weren’t for the people that showed me this work…

If it weren’t for the people that made the suggestions to my mother…

If it weren’t for the work my mother did…

like I said before, I don’t know if I’d still be here.

I’m grateful for all those people, and some of them I’ve never even met.

If you or a loved one needs help from addiction, please call our admissions specialists. We can help you get well. We’ve been there, and now, we’re here.

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