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Stories of Addiction Recovery: Adam

Adam is a Clinician at New Freedom Academy, an inpatient drug rehab facility in Canterbury, New Hampshire. He first came to us as a patient, struggling with alcoholism. Here is his story:


Growing up…

I grew up in a great home with all these morals and values, but I just couldn’t live up to them. My parents taught me right from wrong, but soon enough my instincts went astray.

At 18, I was a full-fledged alcoholic

At 18 years old, I became an alcoholic, like a full-fledged alcoholic. I remember sitting in the hospital and my mom was sitting beside me. She was crying. She was begging and pleading for me to stop drinking. And I remember the psychiatrist or case worker or whatever she was, coming in and telling me that if I didn’t stop drinking in the way that I was drinking, that the veins in my neck were going to explode, like esophageal varices, and I would die.

At that point, I wanted to die…

I remember thinking, “Ok. That’s not too bad a way to go. You bleed out in two minutes. Sounds pretty painless. I can do that, because at that point, I wanted to die.

Either you’re going to treatment or you’re not coming home

I would always sabotage myself and my parents knew that. So they set this boundary of “either you’re going to treatment or you’re not coming home. You’re not coming home either way”. So it was that line that did it for me. And I knew my mom was serious. I knew she was dead serious.

I would have died and I would have died quickly

If my parents hadn’t set that boundary and looked me dead in the eyes and said, “you’re not coming home”, I would’ve died and it would have been quickly. I can’t ever tell a parent what to do, but for me it was that boundary, the line that my parents drew, that made me pursue treatment, and it saved my life.

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