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Stories of Drug Addiction Recovery: Andy Young

Facing the prospect or continuation of addiction recovery can be terrifying, but a community of your peers is everything. Part of what makes Granite Recovery Centers so successful in helping people find freedom from drug addiction is our community of alumni. Our Real People in Real Recovery is no joke. Our community, our family of employees, speakers, and alumni tribe we hold close. And often, our clients become employees–so inspired by the help they got here, that they want to be a part of the movement, and give back. Andy Young is an alumni of the Granite Recovery Centers’ drug rehab program. He is also Executive Director of New Freedom Academy in Canterbury, NH–one of two inpatient drug rehabilitation centers Granite Recovery Centers currently offers.

Here is Andy’s story:

My Mom had just had enough…

My mom had just had enough. You know? And, she dropped me off at the homeless shelter at four in the morning, and said, “Please don’t call us”.

The literal definition of hell

I just remember laying there at night thinking like, just literally thinking in my head that what I was experiencing was like, the literal definition of hell–just utter and complete separation and lack of connection from anything or anyone that I ever loved. And I wound up using one more time. And I remember thinking, this is either gonna kill me or I’m gonna wind up at Granite House (our rehab aftercare facility for men in Derry, NH).

Recognizing Powerlessness Over Addiction

I had a profound experience there immediately. The truth was, I did not think it was gonna be different this time. I said that. And I just remember them looking at me and saying, “That sounds like Step 1” (Step 1 in the 12 Steps is admitting powerlessness over addiction–and that life is no longer manageable as it is). For the first time, despite all the other times I tried to get sober, for the first time I understood that powerlessness was what I was experiencing. And I had never been introduced to, or held accountable to the Step process before. So yeah, it made a world of difference.


Getting out of bed used to be so hard for me. Just because I didn’t see any reason why.


And when I wake up each morning, I know exactly why. And the set of circumstances haven’t changed. I’m still tired. It ís still hard to get moving. It is still hard to get out of bed. But, now I feel hungry to get out of bed every single morning, and to hit the ground running and get to work.

A Life of Purpose–To Help Others

Because each day comes with a purpose and a specific agenda that is about something greater than me. And, I’ve never felt that way before.

I never felt like I had a purpose.

I never felt like I was part of something that really truly mattered.

That is what recovery has given me.

Just as the result of one friend in the Granite House, in the program holding me accountable to spiritual principals. Now, an opportunity was presented to me that has just drastically changed my life. It means a lot to me. Granite Recovery Centers saved my life and gave me a brand new one. Watch the full video interview with Andy:

The promise of a new life, a life of purpose begins with a desire to get help. Join us, and get well.


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