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Can You Take Ritalin When Your Pregnant?

When you’re pregnant, you question everything you consume. This is a rational concern, and the truth is that a lot of what you do and consume could affect your bundle of joy, which is the reason it’s wise to wonder if you can take Ritalin when you’re expecting.

Can You Take Ritalin When You’re Pregnant?

The short answer to this question is that you can’t. Ritalin is a category C drug, but in the United States, it’s still something you shouldn’t take while pregnant.

This is the case for many drugs. The chance of any drug affecting your baby in some way is high, especially if the drug is shown to reach the baby through the placenta.

If you just found out you’re pregnant, it’s important to stop taking Ritalin. We understand this is hard to do if you’ve been taking Ritalin for some time and have developed a dependency. People have come to Granite Recovery Center to get help to fight this type of dependency. Sometimes, people come because they don’t want to hurt their babies.

Is There Proof Ritalin Is Harmful While Pregnant?

Well, there’s no definite proof that Ritalin will harm a baby. No one has funded a controlled study to see what Ritalin could do to a pregnant woman. Most pregnant women wouldn’t want to be a part of the study of this nature.

Now, this doesn’t mean there aren’t scientifically-backed signs proving it’s a bad idea to take Ritalin while you’re pregnant. These signs tell us at Granite Recovery Center that we should help people fight a Ritalin dependency. We offer a number of treatment options that could make a difference for you, especially now.

One study involved pregnant lab animals that received high doses of Ritalin. Malformations showed up when the rabbits and rats gave birth.

It’s important to point out that the doses given to these animals were much higher than what is prescribed to human beings. We know that once a disorder has developed, a person is willing to take more than what the doctor prescribed.

A retrospective study showed that some women who took Ritalin in their first trimester had children with a higher risk of developing heart problems.

Heart disease is one of the most prevalent issues in the United States. This could link to many things, from dietary choices to exercise and much more. There are many dangers out there, so there’s no need to add another one.

In that same retrospective study just mentioned, the chances of developing preeclampsia were slightly higher in women who were taking Ritalin. This complication is often associated with high blood pressure, and that’s not something you want your doctors to deal with when they should be concentrating on making sure you deliver a healthy baby.

In addition to this discovery, there was another disturbing finding. Three babies were born with birth defects; their mothers used Ritalin during their first trimester. Two were born with finger abnormalities and one with a limb issue. Again, there’s no widespread study on how Ritalin affects pregnant women, but these finds are eerily similar to the findings in those lab animals.

The study connects Ritalin exposure to premature births as well. This affects many women, and it puts babies in danger. Again, this is a good reason to make sure you stop taking Ritalin now that you know you’re pregnant.

Asphyxia and growth retardation were also linked to babies born of women who took this medication.

The retrospective study also shows that some women who took Ritalin had additional complications during pregnancy. This experience is one of the most challenging things a woman can go through. There is no need to promote complications when you’re giving birth. You want everything to go right.

Staying away from Ritalin while you’re pregnant should be a top priority. It certainly is for us, which is the reason we’ve developed many evidence-based treatment options for people who want to reclaim their lives.

No mother wants to feel responsible for any health problem their baby develops. Of course, malformations and birth defects happen all the time. There’s no way of predicting these, so hopefully, everything goes right for you and your baby. Still, it’s wise to avoid unnecessary risks. Taking Ritalin seems like an unnecessary risk.

Why Ritalin Is So Helpful

Medications can be helpful. Sometimes, they can save people’s lives or give people back their lives. Ritalin is no different. It’s an effective drug that has many uses and probably the reason why some future moms wonder if they need to stop taking it.

One of its functions is to help treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or ADHD. This is a prevalent issue in the United States, and it affects people to varying degrees. A person with this problem could have all sorts of issues in life. It’s hard for some of them to hold a job. Being unable to find steady work makes it hard to work towards things like a promotion, and it makes having a steady stream of income much more challenging.

A person dealing with ADHD could have trouble staying in a relationship and maintaining friendships when they are dealing with this problem. It can be a real hindrance in life, which is the reason folks that have ADHD seek out some type of solution and find Ritalin.

Of course, a doctor must figure out if Ritalin can help your particular situation. If you are a good fit for the medication, it may be prescribed for you.

Essentially, Ritalin goes into your body to change substances in your brain. Once these changes take place, you’re going to be able to pay more attention and listen more effectively. Ritalin also seems to make it easier for a person to control their behavior, which is a problem for folks with ADHD.

All of these things help you function better. It’s probably the reason some folks can retain some kind of normalcy in their life, so questioning whether to use it or not can be scary.

A pregnant woman might wonder what might happen if she doesn’t use it. People start to remember the mistakes and challenges they used to go through without Ritalin.

We understand why pregnant women would be hesitant to stop taking Ritalin for any period. Feeling scared of letting go of a medication that’s been able to do so much for you is scary, but it’s a good idea and crucial for your child. The good thing is your doctor can help you do this safely while keeping your ADHD in mind.

Why Does Ritalin Get Abused?

Of course, people can abuse the benefits of Ritalin. This is something we, unfortunately, know a lot about.

One main reason the drug is sometimes abused is that it has the power to increase alertness and help your brain absorb information. Since it has this potential, the drug is sometimes abused by some of the brightest college students. It’s sad to see a promising student develop a Ritalin substance use disorder.

These students are in the prime of their lives. They’re attempting to build a strong future for themselves by attending good schools. The pressure to build a strong future grows even more if you happen to get pregnant. Many love stories start in college.

Ritalin is appealing to students who are juggling so much. Their parents gave up a lot for them to be in the schools they’re attending. They’re working hard at their universities. These students are taking a lot of classes. It’s easy to see why they feel like they don’t have the energy to keep up. This is when someone suggests Ritalin. To a stressed-out student, what this drug promises is very appealing. Some can resist it, but some fall victim to it.

To fight this disorder, give us a call and let us help. Some students stop caring about school so much so that their grades start to suffer. Sometimes, they even stop going to their classes because they’re only concerned about finding more Ritalin to take.

All of this turns even more sour if you happen to be pregnant when you drop out of school because of a substance use disorder. Your future may seem bleak, and you have to worry about bringing new life into this world.

We’ve heard stories like this, and it’s always hard to hear. We want to illuminate a path for you to go back to school, but this time we want you to be in control again. That’s what we want you here at the Granite Recovery Center.

A baby needs a sober parent, and a Ritalin substance use disorder can hinder that goal. If you need our support, you should know that we are here for you. We want you to know that you aren’t alone. Our team of specialized and caring people is here for you.

Some future moms use Ritalin because they have ADHD, and that could promote a dependency, too. In both cases, it’s important to stop taking Ritalin if you feel you’re headed down a dangerous path.

Sometimes, career women who want to do better at work or feel pressure to exceed may also abuse the drug. The reality is pressure could make you do all kinds of things. It can cloud your judgment, especially if you aren’t coping with this pressure productively.

The chance of becoming pregnant while you’re trying to achieve your goals is possible. If it does happen, then it’s important to avoid using Ritalin for the reasons mentioned here. If you’re hoping to get pregnant soon, find out what you can do to stop using it before you become pregnant. The sooner you’re off of it, the better for you and your baby.

It’s important to take steps to cope with this pressure if you’re dealing with this. The following are some things you can do:

  • Make it a point to take several breaks during the day. Even small ones help.
  • Consider doing things that could help ease the pressure, like yoga or a massage.
  • Stick to your sleep schedule. This means turning off electronics at night.
  • It’s okay to ask for help sometimes; that could ease the pressure a bit.
  • Recognize that exercise helps you feel more in control and helps you let go of some steam.

Of course, if you feel like the pressure is too much, you could also talk to a counselor. These folks help you cope with pressure by not only talking about it but giving you effective tools to deal with it.

The reality is the pressure people experience at school or in their careers isn’t the only pressure they’ll deal with. At some point, people deal with others.

You need to have the right tools to cope with them all so that you don’t need to turn to something like Ritalin, especially if you’re thinking of becoming a mother or you’re pregnant. If you or someone you love is having trouble letting go of Ritalin, please give Granite Recovery Center a call. We’re here to make a difference, no matter the situation.