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Pawtucket Addiction Treatment Resources

A city of just over 72,000, Pawtucket is one of the historic towns of Rhode Island located along the Blackstone River. The city was founded in 1671 and has had an extensive presence in the country’s industrial history. Pawtucket was where Samuel Slater contracted and built spinning yarn machines in the late 18th century.

Today, Pawtucket is home to tens of thousands of residential units, a bustling commercial area with over 300 industries, and convenient access to major neighboring cities by way of I-95.

Drug Addiction in Pawtucket, Rhode Island

Each year, Rhode Island’s rehab admissions cite heroin and opiate prescription drugs as the two most prominent substances in the state. The Department of Health reported that more people overdosed on opioids than died from car accidents and homicides in 2015.

  • How and Why to Get Help: It may seem daunting to figure out how to get treatment for drug addiction, but doing so can save your life in the long run. The main reason people struggle with getting help is because addiction hijacks parts of the brain and hinders a person’s instinct for survival. When addiction takes over the brain, it feels impossible to get help because it’s hard to even want help. Still, it’s the only way to get back to living a healthy life.
  • The First Step Is Acceptance: As they say, the only way to get help is to first admit that there’s a problem. There’s truth to that statement; there is no way to get help unless you’re completely honest about your circumstances. Full honesty means accepting that you are the one in control of your sobriety while understanding you are not currently in control over your drug use. As the first step in the recovery process, it is often the most difficult part for a patient to complete.
  • Asking for Help: It’s an intimidating step, but the next step is to reach out and to ask someone for help. Merely wondering how to get help is a great sign that shows you’re moving in the right direction. It’s often impossible to overcome your dependency on a substance by yourself, and there is no weakness in asking for help.

Types of Treatment Near Pawtucket

It’s best to tackle a drug problem as early as possible, but as long as you want to get help for substance use disorder, it’s not too late to do so. Pawtucket residents have access to several types of drug addiction treatments in Rhode Island and neighboring states. The best treatment for someone will likely be a customized combination of multiple forms of treatment.

Inpatient Treatment

Many clients can benefit from the treatments offered at an inpatient facility. These recovery centers provide a wide variety of long-term care and provide attention to all facets of substance use disorder recovery. By physically removing themselves from real-life stresses and situations, residents can focus exclusively on their own recoveries without any temptations, distractions, or additional responsibilities. This type of treatment includes:

  • Close supervision
  • No access to alcohol or drugs
  • Daily fitness routine with a balanced diet
  • Round-the-clock support in a highly structured environment
  • Minimal triggers from the outside world
  • Intensive, holistic treatment

Outpatient Treatment

Those who graduate from an inpatient facility or otherwise do not suffer from as severe a form of substance use disorder may benefit from the help of an outpatient rehab. These are especially effective for those who have a strong, existing support system and plenty of self-determination for recovery. Depending on the facility, outpatient treatment can include partial hospitalization or other forms of intensive treatment programs. Benefits of outpatient treatment include:

  • Costs less
  • Offers continued access to home and family
  • Provides continued access to school, work, and other real-life commitments

Alcohol and Drug Detox

For many people, medical detox is a crucial start to recovery. Whether medication is necessary or not, supervised detox ensures the client can abstain from the substance and physical dependence safely under medical supervision while minimizing the discomfort of withdrawal symptoms.

Though rarely effective on their own, self-help support groups make excellent additions to aftercare following a stay at an inpatient facility. There are many options available throughout Rhode Island, and there are even some available online. However, getting effective treatment from a self-support group requires a level of discipline to maintain.

Green Mountain Treatment Center

Green Mountain Treatment Center is the flagship of Granite Recovery Center and boasts panoramic views of the White Mountains from a 72-acre campus. Men and women ages 18 and older can take advantage of treatment programs at this facility. Clients can enjoy apple orchards, rolling hills, fresh mountain air, and seclusion in Effingham, New Hampshire, for a comfortable backdrop for recovery.

The clinic heavily incorporates the 12-step program into its wide breadth of evidence-based therapies, developing gender-separate, adult-oriented treatments and operating under the belief that recovery requires more than just tackling the substance use. Green Mountain staff believes it is necessary to figure out the underlying causes that drive a person to seek comfort in drugs, and they will help you discover that information in a medically supervised setting. Clients work the 12 steps into their treatment and thus undergo deep introspective reflection, unearthing buried feelings and moving towards emotional healing.

  • Customized Treatment Plans: The drug rehab team at Green Mountain Treatment Center is largely comprised of licensed and masters-level clinicians and nurse practitioners. There are also 12-step facilitators, case managers, and an administrative support staff. Together, the team works in concert to develop a one-of-a-kind treatment plan specific for each resident that fits his or her situation.
  • Client-to-Client Program: Anyone entering rehab faces a great challenge ahead of them, even if he or she has been there before and knows what to expect. At Green Mountain Treatment Center, each new client is paired with someone who has already halfway through treatment to create a soft landing with a mentor. As each client gets further along in his or her own recovery process, he or she, too, will be assigned to mentor a brand-new client.
  • 12-Step Curriculum: It takes more than physically removing the substance from your life to become sober in the long term. Long-term recovery requires making changes to your life and making that choice to change every day. At Green Mountain Treatment Center, clients can engage in the 12-step curriculum to understand their substance use, the underlying roots, and the ways in which they can cope with life in a healthier way.
  • Medical Detox: Clients seeking care at Green Mountain Treatment Center have access to a fully staffed medical detox facility around the clock. Patients at risk of suffering from severe withdrawal symptoms can take advantage of 24-hour supervision and, if necessary, medication to relieve discomfort during the detox.
  • Holistic Therapies: Along with peer support, clinical psychotherapy, and a comprehensive 12-step curriculum and study, Green Mountain Treatment Center offers its residents access to numerous holistic therapies to treat the entire person. These therapies include gym work, experiential adventure therapy, yoga, and exercise at an on-site gym. Each of these therapies strengthens the connection between the body, the mind, and a person’s spirit.

New Freedom Academy

New Freedom Academy shares many of the same programs as its sister facility, up to and including customizable treatment plans that focus on the individual instead of a blanket process everyone is expected to follow. Flexible treatment plans are a core part of a successful rehab treatment plan.

For example, those who struggle to succeed in group settings may benefit from avoiding those early on, instead focusing on one-on-one settings. Those who enjoy being in the outdoors would benefit from experiential therapy sessions outside when possible. Simply put, the team at New Freedom Academy focuses on generating personal solutions to combat addiction in an effective manner.

There are 20 beds available at the Canterbury facility, which rests in the beautiful countryside on an idyllic 17-acre campus. Inside the clinic, New Freedom Academy incorporates a wide variety of outdoor excursions and evidence-based therapies throughout each step of addiction treatment after medical detox. Holistic options focus on a patient’s emotional and mental state, and clinical therapies target the physical symptoms of addiction.

The 12-Step Program

Like other facilities under the Granite Recovery Center system, New Freedom Academy heavily incorporates the 12-step program into its drug rehab treatment plans. This program is widely known throughout the country as an effective method for recovering from addiction. Though it was originally designed to help those specifically suffering from alcohol addiction, today it is used to assist with treating the full range of substance use disorders. As the name suggests, the program is divided into 12 steps that give patients a path from accepting addiction to taking responsibility in their day-to-day lives.

The earliest programs often included a religious or spiritual facet to the 12 steps. However, many of today’s programs do not focus on this aspect unless the client already subscribes to a particular ideology. The goal is not to proselytize but to provide a strong structure for recovery.

Variety of Treatment Plans

When patients are given customized treatment plans, they stand their best chance at succeeding at drug rehab. That’s why New Freedom Academy emphasizes adaptability and availability of a wide variety of services. The team mixes and matches its therapies and services to meet the needs of every client in an effort to give them the most fulfilling chance at recovery. Because of this, there are several ways in which the facility offers care to its clients, including:

  • Inpatient drug rehab for Pawtucket residents
  • Residential drug rehab in New Hampshire
  • Dual diagnosis treatment as necessary
  • Holistic therapies

By providing a diversity of programs, patients can access the most effective combination of therapies to treat their conditions. In addition, there are multiple forms of holistic and clinical therapy resources available. These can include but are not limited to:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Dialectical behavioral therapy
  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • 12-step sessions

New Freedom Academy Philosophy

Like Green Mountain, New Freedom Academy is an abstinence-based program that helps its clients stay isolated from real-life temptations and the stresses that drive them to drugs, instead creating a fulfilling place to recover. A custom program in a facility that cares about its patients can make a world of difference to someone trying to recover from a substance addiction. Whether you need a short stay at the facility or you need an intensive platform that takes several months, there is a program at New Freedom Academy that can meet your needs.

Due to its location in secluded rural New Hampshire, the clinic attracts many residents from throughout New England, including Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Pawtucket, Rhode Island.