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Revere Alcohol & Drug Rehab Options

Revere Addiction Treatment Resources

Home to just over 50,000 people, Revere is a city that borders Chelsea, Winthrop, Malden, Everett and the Atlantic Ocean. It was originally founded as North Chelsea in 1846, but the name was changed to honor patriot Paul Revere just 25 years later.

Massachusetts is one of the most beautiful states on the East Coast, but it is not without its problems. Some Revere residents, unfortunately, struggle with addiction. Overall, the rate of addiction is similar to the average of the nation, but there are a few exceptions. In particular, the Bay State is among the states that have been hit the hardest by the opioid epidemic.

According to a survey conducted by Blue Cross Blue Shield, more than 25% of residents in the state know someone who has overdosed on opioids. More than half of residents went on to say they thought of the crisis as “very serious.”

There’s good reason to feel that way. In the first three quarters of 2019, there were more than 1,000 confirmed overdoses throughout Massachusetts, including Revere.

While opioid use has damaged all corners of the country, the circumstances in Massachusetts has been especially bleak. In 2014, the overdose rate was more than twice the average in the country, but evidence in recent years suggests that the problem could be abating. Some of this is due to the wide range of rehab and other treatment options available to the residents of Revere.

How to Get Help for Addiction

Developing an addiction is not a show of weakness or some kind of flaw to your character, and you’ll need more than willpower to defeat the problem. Certain drugs used over time can cause changes to the brain, leaving you hungry with cravings and a compulsion that makes recovery seem impossible to achieve. Sobriety is never out of reach, though, no matter how hopeless the situation may feel.

The first step is always the most difficult one but also the most necessary: You must understand you have a problem that you want to change.

There is no one perfect treatment that works for everyone. As people, we all have different needs and would require different approaches to solve unique problems. It’s crucial that you find the program that fits you correctly.

Treatment should focus on more than just the physical effects of drugs as addiction impacts all parts of your life, including your career, your mental health, your career and your relationships. Successful treatment depends on rewriting how you approach life and the pain and temptations that come with it. In many cases, drug dependency occurs as a way to cope with pain or stress, and you’ll need a healthier way to do this instead.

In all cases, dedication and following through are key. Addiction treatment is not an overnight process. The more intense the addiction, the more intense the treatment must be. Long-term follow-up is necessary in all cases to ensure you maintain the road of recovery. The right treatment facility will have a strong support system to help facilitate this and more.

Why Get Help for Drug Addiction?

It’s normal to question whether recovery is the right step to make or worry that you’ll quit before you’re free from addiction. If you’re suffering from substance use disorder, it’s natural to question if you can become sober again. Doing so takes commitment, and that dedication involves many changes, including:

  • How you cope with stressful situations
  • How you think and feel about yourself
  • Who you allow to be in your life
  • The things you do in your free time
  • Which over-the-counter and prescription medications you take

Feeling conflicted is also normal, even when you are aware of all the problems your drug of choice is causing. Recovery is a long-term process, and it requires your commitment and motivation as well as a strong support system, such as that from a residential rehab facility.

Types of Treatment Available Near Revere

Once you have made the commitment to recover from addiction, it’s time to think about your options for treatment in Revere, Massachusetts. Treatment can vary depending on the exact drug of choice, but the top-rated programs generally offer these elements:

  • Detoxification. In rehab, the first step is usually to manage withdrawal symptoms while freeing your body of the substance. Granite Recovery Centers provides medical detoxification for people who do not need immediate medical intervention, are not a danger to themselves, and are capable of self-evacuation in the event of an emergency.
  • Behavioral counseling. Here, you’ll identify the underlying cause of what made you turn to drugs. In family therapy, you can repair your relationships while learning new skills to help cope with pain.
  • Medication, if necessary. Some clients have severe withdrawal symptoms and require medication to prevent relapse or to treat another existing mental health condition.
  • Long-term follow-up support. Once you’re ready to return to society, long-term follow-up is still necessary to help maintain sobriety and prevent a relapse from occurring. The exact nature of follow-up support depends on the facility; you need to attend regular support groups in person, or there may be online meetings.

In Massachusetts, there are a variety of facility options available for addiction treatment.

Residential Treatment

Residential treatment, as the name suggests, involves taking up residence at a treatment facility, isolating you from the problems of work, family, school, friends and triggers of drug use while undergoing recovery. Depending on your needs, this treatment can last just a few days or several months.

Partial Hospitalization or Day Treatment

Those who require ongoing monitoring but wish to live in a stable environment at home can undergo day treatment in Revere. These programs usually meet in the day for eight hours, and then you head home at night.

Outpatient Treatment

This is another form of treatment where you can keep living at home as normal. These programs are designed to accommodate work and school schedules. You’re treated either during the evening or day, but you will not need to stay overnight.

Sober Living Communities

In a sober house, you live with other recovering addicted individuals in a drug-free environment with lots of support. These facilities are handy if you don’t otherwise have somewhere to go or if you think that going home too quickly will result in relapse.

Granite Recovery Centers

With over 10 years of experience treating addiction, Granite Recovery Centers provide a wealth of treatment options for clients. Paired with a 12-step program, each treatment plan features a continuum of care and is personalized for each resident. Revere clients can take advantage of medical detox, sober living arrangements, intensive outpatient care and other services.

Let’s look at some of the services and amenities offered at two of the top Granite Recovery Center rehabs near Massachusetts. Those struggling from drug or alcohol addiction can access individualized care at either of these facilities.

Green Mountain Treatment Center

Complete with a view of the lakes and White Mountains of New Hampshire, Green Mountain Treatment Center sprawls 72 acres in a secluded part of New Hampshire, making it optimal for recovery. Here, you will have access to gender-separate living arrangements and adult addiction treatment.

At the heart of Green Mountain Treatment Center is the highly experienced clinical team. All staff members deliver a uniquely personalized approach to treatment, and each client has access to the following:

  • Individual therapy
  • Small therapeutic groups
  • EMDR trauma therapy
  • Motivational interviewing
  • Experiential group therapy
  • CBT and DBT

The facility’s clinicians work to lower the barriers for new clients while priming newcomers for the big changes they’re about to make. At the core of this change is internalizing the 12-step program while undergoing therapy to become a contributing member of society.

The staff at Green Mountain Treatment Center understands how wide a reach addiction has in a person’s life, which is why it’s so important to come up with a well-balanced plan that not only focuses on the underlying cause but also promotes a full life change. Far too often, newcomers embrace the 12 steps but neglect to focus on other key areas of their life, and this eventually leads to a relapse.

Through meditation, body-centered therapy, mindfulness and dietary health, Green Mountain Treatment Center supports the change necessary to help you flourish in your recovery. The facility offers:

  • Medical Detoxification: Your entire body suffers from the effects of drugs and alcohol, and that includes psychological and physical dependence on that substance. Depending on the drug, many of your organs will react to withdrawal after the body stops getting more. At Green Mountain Treatment Center, there are licensed medical professionals to monitor your vitals around the clock and ensure that you stay safe during withdrawal.
  • Client and Family Support Groups: Equally as important as detoxification and dedication to recovery is group therapy. In some cases, it is proven to be more effective than individual therapy. Therapeutic groups provide a social environment that reduces loneliness and feelings of isolation while also facilitating an environment where you can learn from others who are also in recovery. At Green Mountain Treatment Center, group therapies are run by experienced professionals who have training in addiction treatment.

New Freedom Academy

New Freedom Academy is another Granite Recovery Center in a quiet area dedicated to delivering high-quality treatment. Spread over 17 acres in New Hampshire, the facility guides clients through the beginning of their recovery by helping them overcome apathy, anxiety and fear. The goal is to help residents see that life is to be embraced and not avoided, and that requires changing our reactions to life’s events.

A psychiatrist handles cases of co-morbid disorders, a nurse practitioner manages cases directly and licensed therapists support all steps of the process of treatment. This combined approach has proven truly efficient, cutting through the filler and figuring out what is causing the addiction in the first place. New Freedom Academy combines therapy with non-addictive medicines and various holistic approaches to combat addiction.

Because New Freedom Academy is a treatment center that employs abstinence, the staff takes a grounded and thoughtful approach to co-existing disorders. Though medications can help stabilize clients in some cases while they may be needed long-term in other cases, treatment at New Freedom Academy prioritizes a change of lifestyle. This helps clients transition back to normal life with greater success against temptations at home.

Of course, making such sudden changes seemingly overnight is one of the most difficult things you’ll have to deal with. Because of this, the facility provides support around the clock to smooth out the process using evidence-based practices, such as:

  • Meditation
  • Grounding exercises
  • Sleep studies and plans
  • Physical exercise
  • Experiential therapeutic approaches
  • Health plans
  • Nutrition balance

Seeking Help

Regardless of your situation, it’s possible to overcome a substance use disorder. Approach it with the mindset of never giving up, and you’ll succeed. Use the information above to help you find the right rehab program. Green Mountain Treatment Center and New Freedom Academy are two of our recommendations. Although they are out of state, they’re not far away. It’s helpful to remove yourself from your current surroundings into the serene settings of these facilities to break your addiction.