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Auburn Alcohol & Drug Rehab Options

Addiction Treatment Resources in Auburn

Auburn is a small town in Maine just outside of coastal Portland. This charming village is surrounded by the Androscoggin Riverlands State Park, and it is easily accessible by the Maine Turnpike and a major highway. The towns of Auburn and Lewiston comprise the twin cities of Maine. They are divided by the Androscoggin River. Auburn is a nature lover’s dream with local fishing, kayaking, hiking and more. Despite the tranquility of the region and the picturesque settings, Auburn is home to many individuals who struggle with substance abuse and addiction.

Today, people face stress from any number of life sources. Few people are free from the pressures of living their best life. These pressures and stresses often build up to dangerous levels. Most people require professional assistance to manage these feelings in a healthy manner. Unfortunately, the majority of people seek out self-medication in the form of drugs and alcohol as a way to cope with life. Maine has its fair share of residents who need assistance to regain control over their life. The good news is that it has never been easier to find a custom recovery program to meet your needs.

Drug and Alcohol Abuse in Auburn

Much like the rest of the U.S., Maine has been hit hard by the opioid crisis. In addition to opioids, the Maine population struggles with illicit drug abuse and addiction in general. In 2019, Maine’s drug overdose deaths reached 380, making their drug overdose death rate 27.9 per 100,000. More Maine mothers are reported to be giving birth while addicted to opioids, and a resurgence of HIV and Hepatitis C is occurring due to an increase in sharing needles.

While Maine struggles with drug dependency on a large scale, alcohol abuse is also common. Almost 20% of adults in Maine report excessive drinking, and residents drink slightly more gallons of alcohol per person than the U.S. average. On a positive alcohol-related note, car accidents associated with drinking and driving have decreased by nearly 20% in recent years. As more people focus on clean living and healthy lifestyles, more people are taking advantage of ways to get help to become sober, improve their quality of life and improve their mental health.

Help for Your Needs in Auburn, Maine

Fortunately, there are many ways to seek assistance for drug and alcohol dependency. You can choose from any level of intensity to make your journey to sobriety comfortable for you. Many people prefer AA or NA groups to meet with people who have similar life experiences. It is also possible to meet with a trusted spiritual advisor. Both of these methodologies help to make people feel more comfortable in the beginning stages. Another choice is to reach out to friends and family. This can be difficult for many people. However, remember that they will often be your support system during recovery. The earlier you include them, the easier it will be in the end.

One of the most effective ways to seek help is through professional treatment. You can select from any number of treatments to best suit your needs. It is important to understand that addiction comes in many forms. Drugs and alcohol are quite common; however, you can also be addicted to the internet, pornography, sex, video games, shopping, gambling, food and so much more. Just keep in mind that dependency of any sort can be helped by any number of support systems.

Benefits of Sobriety

Sobriety will change your life. Regardless of your addiction and dependency, you will begin to take back control over every aspect of your life. When people have addiction issues, they often destroy their personal and professional relationships. Sobriety helps you to rebuild these relationships, and it allows both you and others to heal from the pain. If you have children, this can be a particularly helpful and productive process. Regardless of whether you have children, sobriety will mend relationships and allow you to grow as a person.

You will also be able to better manage your money. It will be easier to keep a job, and you will improve your work performance. This is likely to lead to promotions and pay raises. It will also improve your work relationships. If you want to see exactly how much money you can save by being sober, there are apps to show you. You will find that eating right and exercising will be far easier. As a result, you will save money on health care, feel better and improve your mental health. All of these aspects will attribute to improving your quality of life.

Another benefit to treatment is learning your triggers and the reasons you have addiction issues in the first place. For some people, it is being prescribed too much pain medication. For other people, the source is traumatic life experiences. Regardless, addiction affects everyone from every walk of life. The most important aspect is to seek assistance to take back your life rather than to allow addiction to control you.

Treatment Types

Recovery treatments are available in a wide array of options. While you can seek help in a number of ways, professional care is often the best option for long-term sobriety. If you plan to detox, be sure to seek professional treatment. You can find state-run programs and private care to get you through this difficult transition. Keep in mind that going through detox alone is a highly challenging and dangerous process. Professionals are able to treat you with proper medications and care so that you get through detox with as much comfort as possible. You should not attempt to detox on your own.

If you lead a busy life, you can choose various outpatient programs. This allows you to come and go rather than to stay for an undetermined amount of time. You can choose from intensive outpatient programs, outpatient programs and partial hospitalization. Each of these provides you with some flexibility. Most people find long-term success from residential treatment. This means that you remove yourself from your existing environment entirely. You will not be prone to triggers, toxic relationships and bad habits.

You can also choose medication-assisted programs and various therapy programs. Therapy will be a critical part of your recovery. You will have individual therapy along with family therapy. This may sound intimidating, but it is essential to recovery. You can participate in a number of other therapies as well. Some people prefer play, animal or recreational therapy. These more modern types of therapy allow people to improve their mental health in social environments. You are also likely to participate in group therapy.

Green Mountain Treatment Center

Green Mountain Treatment Center is an exclusive treatment center with fresh New Hampshire air and panoramic mountain views. The facility is a member of the Granite Recovery Centers family. This location is a residential treatment center for both men and women. You must be at least 18 to attend. All accommodation and programs are separated by gender, and programs focus on customized care based on each person’s recovery needs. You can select from detox programs and various types of therapy. As part of your recovery process, you will eventually become a mentor to a newer program participant. You will also participate in the AA 12-step process.

This treatment center offers a number of services to occupy your free time, including a gym and yoga. You will have access to an onsite chef, and staff is available every minute of every day. The center offers you opportunities to improve both your mental and physical health. Green Mountain Treatment Center is isolated and surrounded by nature, so you are able to heal in complete privacy with qualified professionals. This temporary escape from your daily struggles is exactly what you need to begin the road to recovery.

New Freedom Academy

The serene New Freedom Academy is located in the countryside of Canterbury, New Hampshire. You will be encompassed by forests, nature and complete tranquility. At this Granite Recovery Centers location, you will find medication-assisted treatment and residential recovery. New Freedom Academy has one of the best staff-to-client ratios of local alcohol and drug treatment centers. The facility also offers a wide array of therapy options, such as grief and loss therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, group therapy, individual therapy and dialectical behavioral therapy.

During your stay, you will experience many optimal amenities. The professional care team is available to you at any time of the day or night. You will have a chef to prepare you delicious and nutritious meals. Each program participant will be able to participate in fun activities and outings, such as mini-golf, paintball and bowling. Accommodation is separated by gender. You will have access to meditation and yoga to help improve your mindfulness and mental health, and your recovery process will be one of privacy and seclusion so that you can become sober without the traditional pressures of day-to-day life.

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