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Fairfield is a quaint town on 5 miles of Connecticut coastline that Money Magazine named one of the best places in America to live. With a historic downtown, the Audubon nature preserve and two major universities, Fairfield attracts diverse visitors and new residents year after year. It plays host to a number of popular annual events, like the Dogwood Festival, the Blessings of the Fleet and Parade, the Fairfield County Irish Festival, the Summer Concert Series and Fairfield Restaurant week. Moreover, located just 50 miles outside New York City and boasting the second-largest metro station on its railway line, Fairfield gets a steady flow of traffic daily.

As such a hub of local activity, however, Fairfield also suffers from some of the same concerns facing Connecticut’s urban centers, namely substance use disorder and mental health issues. Substance use disorder is the patterned use of drugs in a manner or quantity harmful to the user. That includes legal drugs like alcohol, tobacco and prescription opioids as well as illegal drugs like heroin, cocaine and Methamphetamines. Often, though not always, substance use disorder is associated with mental health concerns.

Adding to the problems of addiction, substance use disorder and mental health issues facing many in Fairfield, there is a stigma against people facing these problems that shames them into hiding and causes them to avoid seeking help. The fact is that mental illness and addiction are diseases and nothing to be ashamed of. If you or someone you love is dealing with mental health or substance use disorder issues, you’re not alone. Help exists in many forms for those facing substance use disorder and mental health concerns in Fairfield, including drug treatment facilities. All you need to make use of this aid is to take the initial step.

About Drug and Alcohol Abuse in Fairfield, Connecticut

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, across Connecticut, 1,196 residents died in 2019 due to an opioid overdose, with 967 of those being from fentanyl or a fentanyl analog. 909 of those deaths were male, while 287 were female.

As for Fairfield, in 2019, there were 432 people seeking help, broken down as follows:

  • 140 mental health issue clients
  • 276 substance use disorder clients
  • 16 combined mental health and substance use disorder clients

Seeking help for your substance use and mental health concerns could help you restore positive, healthy relationships with family and friends, rebuild your self-esteem, improve your ability to support yourself and your family and even save your life.

Types of Substance Abuse Treatment Available Near Fairfield, Connecticut

To help relieve the struggles with alcohol, drugs and mental illness that so many in Fairfield and elsewhere in Connecticut face, you’ll find a number of different resources and treatment options. These include drug and alcohol treatment and rehab centers, detox centers and recovery meetings. Explore each of the treatment and resource types below to find the one most suitable for you.

The various drug and alcohol treatment and rehab centers in Fairfield and surrounding areas fall into three main categories based primarily on the level of commitment required of the participant and the degree of treatment and care provided.

Residential Treatment Programs

Also known as inpatient care facilities, residential treatment programs are ideal for those who require trained and experienced care around-the-clock. They’re also good for those who feel the need to remove themselves from people or other temptations in their daily environment to avoid succumbing to their addiction or substance misuse.

When enrolled in a residential treatment program, you live at the facility 24/7 for the entire duration of your enrollment in the program, including sleeping and eating there. While there, you also receive regular counseling, both individually and in groups, and ongoing medical care. You learn new coping mechanisms and develop healthy and proactive habits and behaviors to help you avoid past temptations once you do return to your life outside the facility.

In addition, at some residential treatment facilities, you could work to get your GED and receive vocational training to help you improve your economic opportunities once you’ve graduated the program. Lasting from days to months, depending on the individual’s needs, residential treatment programs are typically the most intensive treatment options available.

Partial Hospitalization Programs

Also known as day-treatment programs, partial hospitalization programs could be thought of as one step down from residential treatment programs. In these types of facilities, you get many of the same treatment services as residential programs provide without the requirement that you remain at the center 24 hours a day. Rather, you spend around eight hours of each day at the facility receiving counseling, treatment and support from psychiatrists, therapists and doctors and additional time in the evenings attending group sessions and recovery meetings.

If your schedule with work, school or family prohibits you from attending a residential treatment program, a partial hospitalization program offers you greater flexibility and allows you to still get the treatment you need and deserve. Partial hospitalization programs are also commonly used as transitional options for graduates of residential treatment programs to provide subsequent guidance and support.

Outpatient Treatment Programs

If your support system is already strong at home, an outpatient program may be an ideal treatment option for you. Outpatient treatment programs are also helpful for people whose obligations are so great that even the demands of a partial hospitalization program are prohibitive. In an outpatient program, you visit the facility for counseling, care and support for a few hours each day organized around your schedule.

Outpatient treatment programs are also useful for people who have graduated from a residential treatment program or completed a partial hospitalization program and still wish to continue receiving treatment as they resume their normal life. The treatment plan in an outpatient program is usually custom-designed to meet the unique needs and objectives of each individual client.

Rehab Centers Near Fairfield

For substance use disorder and mental health treatment and care near Fairfield, consider Green Mountain Treatment Center and New Freedom Academy. Both offer medication-assisted residential treatment using a variety of evidence-based clinical treatment methods in a serene and remote natural setting with 24/7 on-site medical staff, nourishing meals prepared by a chef and social activities and outings.

Green Mountain Treatment Center

Green Mountain Treatment Center offers a peaceful, secluded and beautiful setting in which to go through your recovery. Located in remote Effingham, New Hampshire, it offers panoramic views of the White Mountains and the exquisite Lakes Region. While you go through treatment at Green Mountain Treatment Center, you can stroll among apple orchards and rolling hills.

As Granite Recovery Centers’ flagship facility for adults 18 and older, Green Mountain Treatment Center offers only the best in medical care and mental and emotional support for the smoothest possible recovery. It offers gender-separate programs using a 12-step curriculum along with psychotherapy and other evidence-based clinical therapies.

Through an integrative approach to treatment that doesn’t just look at the substance use but at the whole person and the root causes of his or her misuse and addiction, Green Mountain Treatment Center helps clients build a solid foundation for an enduring recovery. Some of the therapies that Green Mountain Treatment Center incorporates where appropriate into client treatment plans include medical detox, holistic therapies like meditation and yoga, client-to-client programs and individualized treatment plans. Granite Recovery Centers provides medical detoxification for people who do not need immediate medical intervention, are not a danger to themselves, and are capable of self-evacuation in the event of an emergency.

New Freedom Academy

Nestled in a private, 17-acre wooded area in the New Hampshire countryside, New Freedom Academy is a 20-bed facility that offers highly personalized addiction treatment and care. Primarily a residential treatment facility that uses medication-assisted methods, New Freedom Academy offers a low ratio of clients to clinicians and staff, ensuring that every client gets the personal attention and care he or she needs. If larger and more urban treatment centers seem too unwieldy and anonymous for your comfort, New Freedom Academy may be for you. Among the clinical psychotherapeutic modalities that the licensed therapists and clinicians incorporate into clients’ treatment plans are:

  • Grief and loss therapy
  • Dialectical behavior therapy
  • Cognitive behavior therapy
  • Motivational interviewing
  • Holistic therapies

Through one-on-one individual therapy and process groups, New Freedom Academy helps each client find his or her own path to recovery.

Other Treatment Resources

In addition to those mentioned above, people facing issues with substance use disorder and mental health in Fairfield and the surrounding region can find help through a number of 24/7 telephone hotlines and education and outreach organizations. Don’t hesitate to seek help for you or a loved one.