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A riverfront town located near Hartford, Connecticut’s capital city, East Hartford offers its residents a balanced life. Major employers include aerospace manufacturer Pratt & Whitney, a Coca-Cola bottling plant, and other manufacturers and scientific- and technology-oriented entities. The town’s lush geography affords many recreational opportunities in the great outdoors. East Hartford’s parks feature hiking trails, ponds, picnic areas, open fields, and fountains for visitors and residents to enjoy.

East Hartford’s seemingly tranquil surroundings do not depict the whole story of the town, however. Like many other communities across Connecticut and the U.S., East Hartford is also tasked with facing the issue of drug abuse. In fact, out of the entire state of Connecticut, East Hartford had the 9th highest overdose number in the state with 11 deaths in 2019, or a rate of 2.2 overdose deaths per 10,000 residents. Connecticut is a major stop in the drug trafficking pipeline that runs along the East Coast. Therefore, illegal substances like cocaine, heroin, and other opioids pass through the state regularly with some residents making purchases for personal use.

Knowing When It’s Time to Get Help

No one begins using drugs or alcohol with the intent to develop an addiction. Nevertheless, for many, addiction has become an everyday struggle. In the beginning, people who are heading down the path to drug or alcohol addiction may be unaware of the dangerous nature of their substance use patterns. Those who are a little further along the road to addiction typically find it difficult to stop using their substances of choice due to physical and emotional withdrawal symptoms. Beyond this point, people who struggle with drug use often feel like it is impossible to stop substance use. Some even feel hopeless. The good news is there is hope and help for people at every stage of substance use and addiction.

Granite Recovery Centers

Substance use treatment is not a one-size-fits-all solution. There are several treatment options available to meet the unique needs of each person who struggles with addiction. Treatment programs are generally classified as inpatient or outpatient treatment. Beyond those classifications, programs may vary in terms of the structure of therapy sessions, program amenities, and unique features that are specifically designed to accommodate people of different lifestyles, religions, and interests. East Hartford offers both public programs and private programs to serve people of all income levels.

Green Mountain Treatment Center

Green Mountain Treatment Center is an upscale rehab facility located in Effingham, New Hampshire. At the facility, clients can see the White Mountains from the 72-acre campus, which is sprawling with quiet, secluded nature. Adult men and women can take residence here to overcome substance use disorder or a dual diagnosis. As with all Granite Recovery Centers facilities, Green Mountain Treatment Center combines the 12-step program with evidence-based therapies and other holistic methods.

  • Facility and Meals: All residents enjoy luxury accommodations for the duration of their stay at Green Mountain Treatment Center. The residential rehab can house 75 people at a time. Each double-occupancy bedroom comes with two full-sized beds and a single bathroom that the two roommates share but is otherwise private. Though the program treats both women and men, the two genders are separated across campus and need not interact with one another. The women’s dorm is in a private part of the campus, and the men’s sleeping quarters are within the main building, which also houses the common room for socialization and the cafeteria. In the cafeteria, clients enjoy meals made by an onsite chef. In addition to nutritious meals, clients have access to coffee and a salad bar in the dining area. If a resident has food preferences or allergies, then these can be accommodated.
  • Staff and Treatment: Those who choose Green Mountain Treatment Center to help them overcome an addiction aim to internalize the 12 steps wherever they go. To meet this goal, treatment at the facility works with that framework in mind, including CBT, DBT, individual and group therapy, EMDR and experiential therapy options to help patients reconcile their past trauma.

Green Mountain Treatment Center is capable of monitoring a patient through medical detox before beginning inpatient treatment. This process may take up to seven days. Granite Recovery Centers provides medical detoxification for people who do not need immediate medical intervention, are not a danger to themselves, and are capable of self-evacuation in the event of an emergency.

Residents typically stay between one and three months, but specific cases can result in shorter or longer stays as needed. During their stay, the men and women don’t interact with one another, remaining separate for the duration of their stay. Though the treatment plans are structurally similar, each program is also gender-specific. Every day, clients attend multiple group sessions and set aside time to complete chores, meditate and study their AA book. Clients with dual diagnoses can also access medication management services with a psychiatrist.

New Freedom Academy

Another one of Granite Recovery Centers’ facilities, New Freedom Academy follows much of the same approach as the Green Mountain Treatment Center. At New Freedom Academy, the staff believes that custom, individualized plans are necessary for each patient and that women and men require different approaches to heal their addictions and meet their needs. In all cases, however, the common thread is the 12-step program approach, incorporated into all treatment plans with compassion and professional care.

Compared to its sister facility, New Freedom Academy is more intimate, offering only 20 beds for clients at any given time. The campus is also smaller but no less beautiful, resting on 17 acres of central New Hampshire.

Recently, the facility was renovated, so all of the rooms are now stylishly furnished. Rooms can either be double- or single-occupancy, and they come with one or two twin beds, closets and desks. Residents must share the bathrooms, but the facilities are regularly cleaned and are always spacious and modern. A second building on the campus houses a 100-person meeting room, various group rooms for therapies and clinical offices for treatment.

In the cafe building, an onsite chef prepares meals for the clients from a nutritious, dietitian-designed menu. Clients can have their special dietary requirements accommodated upon request. Lastly, there are snacks for the residents to access around-the-clock.

If you are seeking addiction treatment for you or a loved one near East Hartford, Connecticut, know that help is available.