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Ansonia is a quaint and idyllic town nestled gently along the Naugatuck River in Connecticut just outside of New Haven. This quiet yet bustling village is a serene escape from many of the stresses of larger cities. People are attracted to the region for its tranquil forests and stunning natural views. Despite its picturesque feel, just like many other towns, Ansonia is not free from drug and alcohol use.

Substance Abuse in Ansonia

In 2019, 1,200 people died from an opioid overdose in Connecticut alone. The town of Ansonia alone saw 352 residents seek help for substance abuse. Those seeking both mental health and substance abuse services in Ansonia totaled 64 for 2019. This means that individuals needed specialized treatment for co-occurring disorders. Oftentimes, those who are addicted to drugs and alcohol also suffer from depression and/or anxiety.

Heroin is the most commonly abused drug in Connecticut, according to the Connecticut Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services (DMHAS). In more than half of all substance use admissions to state centers, opioids and heroin were the substance use on record. Alcohol use has also been on the rise in recent years throughout the state. 17.1% of adults drink excessively in the state of Connecticut, compared to 19% of adult Americans on average. These rates are growing at a more rapid rate amongst Connecticut women. While these drug and alcohol use figures might be surprising, the good news is that you can easily find help to manage your addiction. Getting help is important because it can prevent you from becoming further addicted and overdosing.

How To Get Help

Help is available through various types of treatment and recovery. Some people are not comfortable reaching out to friends or family, which is perfectly normal. If this is the case for you, it is possible to speak with a religious adviser, medical professional or trusted member of the community to find the proper treatment for you. It is also possible to reach out to a legal professional. Legal professionals have a wealth of information at their disposal about treatment options, such as inpatient and outpatient programs.

Another good place to start is to seek out support groups. This might be in the form of AA or NA meetings. However, other types of drug and alcohol support groups exist too. You can call helplines for assistance. They are available at the state and national levels.

Many employers are also happy to help you get sober, and your insurance may even cover the cost of rehab. Keep in mind that even if you do not feel comfortable asking your family for help, they may be a critical component of your recovery. They will likely be your greatest support system once you are sober. If your friends use drugs or alcohol too, you may need to distance yourself from them for a short time or even altogether. Seeking help from your friends and family is entirely up to you in the end.

Types of Drug and Alcohol Rehab Programs

Several different types of drug and alcohol addiction treatments exist. Detox treatment is one of the most commonly used types of drug and alcohol treatment. It is important to note that for most people, detox should be administered by medical professionals. This can be a highly dangerous process and even lead to death if it is not managed properly. Many people also choose medication-assisted treatments. Granite Recovery Centers provides medical detoxification for people who do not need immediate medical intervention, are not a danger to themselves, and are capable of self-evacuation in the event of an emergency.

You can also pursue inpatient and outpatient treatment options. Some recovery centers only offer one or the other, and some offer both. Inpatient, short-term residential and long-term residential treatments allow you to stay on-site during your treatment. They provide you with support 24 hours a day every day of the week. Outpatient treatments offer greater flexibility for those with dependents and jobs that will not provide time off for treatment. It is also possible to select a partial hospitalization program.

Therapy and counseling is a necessary part of recovery. The state of your mental health is a key component to long-term sobriety. You can choose from a wide variety of therapy treatments. Most people begin with behavioral therapy. This will help you learn the reasons why you drink or use drugs. Group therapy and family therapy are also common during recovery. You might also choose to participate in recreational, play and animal-assisted therapy. These three types of therapy are growing in popularity as they are proven to heal you emotionally in a less intimidating setting.

Green Mountain Treatment Center

Green Mountain Treatment Center is a premium facility with scenic mountain views and the fresh air of New Hampshire. It is part of the Granite Recovery Centers family. This flagship location is primarily a residential rehab treatment center for women and men who are at least the age of 18. Here, they also offer individualized programs. These programs are centered around gender separation and mature recovery approaches. You can also select a medical detox program and holistic therapies. During your time there, you will become a mentor as you progress through the program and participate in the 12-step AA process.

Within the center, you will have access to a wide array of services and opportunities. Staff is available every hour of every day. You will have access to yoga, meditation and a gym. An on-site chef prepares healthy and delicious meals. These services allow you to improve your mind, body and soul while you become sober. The secluded location of this treatment facility awards you the ability to get sober with complete privacy away from the pressures of your daily life, and you can explore the gorgeous grounds and nearby apple orchids in your free time.

NFA Behavioral Health

The tranquil NFA Behavioral Health is surrounded by forest and located in the countryside of Canterbury, New Hampshire. The facility is primarily a residential and medication-assisted addiction treatment center. NFA Behavioral Health is also part of the Granite Recovery Centers family. The staff-to-client ratio is far more optimal than most drug and alcohol treatment centers. You will have exclusive access to a number of recovery therapies, including individual therapy, group therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy and grief and loss therapy.

You will have access to a number of privileged services. Staff is available at all hours of the day and night. A private chef prepares nutritious and delicious meals for everyone. You will be able to attend educational workshops, and all accommodations are gender separate. Each client will also be able to participate in yoga and meditation, as well as various outings, such as bowling, paintball and mini-golf. And you will begin your journey to recovery in a highly secluded area without the worries of your daily life.

Benefits of Recovery and Sobriety

The benefits of recovery and sobriety are nearly endless. To begin with, your financial situation is likely to improve. Drugs and alcohol are expensive, so when you cut these substances out, you’ll have more money to spend on necessities. You will also save money by improving your health and reducing annual medical costs.

Exercise and mindfulness are essential to recovery. This can lead to weight loss and other health benefits. You will also reduce your chances of certain cancers, including liver, breast, mouth, esophagus and pharynx. Your mental health will improve too, leading to better sleep and stable moods. Anxiety and depression symptoms will likely decrease too.

Another great benefit of recovery and sobriety is improved relationships. During the height of addiction, most people begin to alienate loved ones. Friends and family can only take so much. Whether you pushed them away or alienated yourself, you likely ruined some relationships along the way. Recovery gives you the opportunity to make things right with those you care about. This will be difficult, but it will be worth it. You will also begin to thrive in other areas of your life, such as your career. It is far easier to excel at your job when your mind is clear and focused.

If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, know that help is available. NFA Behavioral Health and Green Mountain Treatment Center offer great services in a secluded and serene area. We realize that addiction is a tough thing to tackle by yourself, which is why you need help. Trained medical professionals are ready to help with any aspect of your addiction. You can start on your road to recovery today by giving us a call.