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Detox Timeline

In order to begin a recovery process, you need to detox your body. Ridding your body of the chemical imbalance drugs will take varying lengths of time. Different drugs will remain in your system longer. Additionally, it also depends on how long you’ve been using and the amount. Due to this, these numbers are general estimates, but the actual extent of your initial detox timeline may be shorter or longer. Following detox, it is important to continue on with a recovery program in an alcohol rehab center in NH offered by Granite Recovery Centers (including the Green Mountain Treatment Center).

Varying Detox Timelines

The kind of drug used will have the biggest effect on the length of your detox timeline. While each individual is unique, you can base your timeline on the general numbers of each drug type. The drug types are broken down into several categories, including:

  • Stimulants
  • Opiates and Heroin
  • Marijuana
  • Alcohol
  • Benzo


The most common drug stimulants are amphetamines and cocaine, although there are other forms of this drug type. In general, the detox timeline for stimulants will be around a week’s time. Because most stimulants hit your body quickly the drugs also burn through your system quickly.

The first three days are usually the worst, as you may feel suddenly depressed and completely tapped of energy. One of the main reasons why you should check into a recovery center for your detox is to provide proper help during these more difficult times of the detox timeline. This is especially the case when meth is the stimulant used. The Foundation for a Drug-Free World has reported that meth users experience a 93 percent relapse rate after the first detox, so having help (and a concrete after recovery plan) is critical.

Opiates and Heroin

No matter which of the two a user is addicted to the detox timeline is right around a week. Withdrawal symptoms do hit quickly, sometimes as fast as six hours (depending on how strong the addiction is). However, because withdrawal hits so quickly the symptoms do not last long (typically tapping out around five days or so). One thing to consider though is if you do have a strong addiction to heroin or opiates you might need to take maintenance medication for anywhere from a few months to several years. Going cold turkey on certain drugs will actually prove more damaging to your health than remaining on these maintenance medications.


Benzodiazepines, or benzo drugs, have the most variation within the detox timeline. Depending on the drug and the severity of the addiction it can range anywhere from a few days to several months. Benzos are usually longer-lasting drugs, which is why it can take longer to fully flush the drug out of the system. If you have been using Valium for an extended period of time (for example), it will take longer to work it fully out of your system.


When comparing the detox process, marijuana doesn’t have as extreme side effects. Outside of not feeling hungry and headaches, it’s relatively mild. With that said, the detox timeline can take around two weeks or so to fully work through the system.


Alcohol addiction will take about a week or so for the detox timeline to fully run its course. It can be an intense first few days though if the addiction has reached a point where it isn’t possible to function during the day without alcohol. Within 24-hours you might have everything from anxiety and depression to hallucinations. Detox from alcohol addiction needs to be performed within a recovery center as delirium tremens and even seizures are possible and staff should be on hand for this.

Begin Your Detox and Recovery With One Phone Call

If you are suffering from drug addiction your detox and recovery can begin with a single phone call. Detox is the first step toward recovery, and while you might have loved ones who want to be there with you to assist it is often best to be around trained professionals who understand what to expect and know the best ways to help. Green Mountain Treatment Center is here to provide a number of recovery services. You can begin your path to sobriety and a drug-free lifestyle with this one call Green Mountain at 855.712.7784 to obtain detox timeline info.

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