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Granite Recovery Centers has a sterling reputation for providing the New England area with superior addiction treatment. Our programs encompass a broad range of healing modalities. These options allow us to maximize your treatment program to be highly effective for you, specifically. Through a fusion of clinical and holistic therapies, utilizing 12 step integration, you can find any and all of the services you may need at Granite Recovery Centers!

Medication Assisted Treatment

Medication assisted treatment (MAT) is the strategic use of FDA-approved medications in combination with counseling and behavioral therapy during addiction treatment. At Granite Recovery Centers, medical professionals and addiction treatment specialists supervise this process to ensure that clients are benefiting from the treatment.

12 Step Integration

All of our programs at Granite Recovery Centers utilize 12 step integration. This means that your program will include facets of AA and NA to help guide our patients through the recovery process. In fact, you can find the 12 steps utilized throughout our programs.

Holistic Treatment

In order to balance and complement evidence based treatment, we also offer holistic treatment options. Our holistic treatment provides healing care for your emotional and mental health. These treatment options go hand in hand with clinical treatments for a more comprehensive recovery.

Evidence Based Treatment

Evidence based treatment is a key component of any successful addiction treatment program. These types of therapies have been proven successful in treating addiction causes as well as symptoms. Treatments like these will make up the base of your recovery program.

Granite Recovery Centers Can Cover All of Your Addiction Recovery Needs in One Place!


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