Doctors prescribe Xanax to millions of people throughout the country. While it may be a legal drug, Xanax is still extremely addictive. Once someone develops an addiction to this drug, a Xanax detox center can help them begin their recovery process.

What Is a Xanax Detox Center Like?doctor gestures to patient with a pen in a xanax detox center

It is never a good idea to quit using Xanax cold turkey. When someone stops using Xanax, it leads to a number of different withdrawal symptoms. Because these symptoms can be extremely uncomfortable, it is important to get professional treatment. Otherwise, clients can develop dangerous symptoms that make a relapse more likely to happen.

In a Xanax detox facility, clients will undergo an initial evaluation. This stage helps the rehab figure out the kinds of therapies, medical support, and other options a client needs. In a holistic detox center, the specialists try to treat the entire person instead of just treating the addiction. This means that the detox center will support the client’s mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional needs.

With a top Xanax detox program, clients will also have medical detox options. This kind of program supports the client’s physical and mental health. Additionally, doctors may use medical options to reduce the severity of withdrawal symptoms.

What Happens After Detox?

After someone gets help in a Xanax detox center, they can continue to get treatment through an inpatient or outpatient program. An inpatient program provides around-the-clock support and supervision for the client. This intensive option is popular among people who have had a relapse before. It is also ideal for people who want to focus completely on their treatment.

A Xanax detox center may also offer outpatient or intensive outpatient programs. These kinds of New Hampshire substance abuse treatment programs work for people who need extra flexibility. While the client goes to rehab for several hours at a time for their treatment, they return home at night to sleep. This kind of option gives the client the flexibility they need to take care of family and work responsibilities.

A good Xanax detox center will have options like cognitive behavioral therapy, talk therapy, and family counseling. Many mental and physical factors can fuel addiction, so it is important to treat the individual holistically during recovery. The initial evaluation will help the rehab determine which treatment options are the best for the client’s unique needs.

Family counseling is an important part of treatment because addiction affects the entire family. Because of this, clients need support as they work to heal relationships. In addition, family members may need addiction education and support about how to help the client with their recovery process.

You Can Change Your Life

The hardest part about recovering from an addiction is actually getting help. Many people do not go to a Xanax detox center because they do not want to admit that they have a substance abuse problem. Once someone admits that they need help, a Xanax detox program can help them find the support they need.

At a Xanax detox facility, clients can find treatment options such as:

If you are struggling with an addiction, do not lose hope yet. A Xanax detox center can help you break free of your addiction and begin the rehab process. With Granite Recovery Centers, you can take the first step in lifelong recovery. To discover more information about the different options available, call our team members today at 855.712.7784.