Granite Recovery Centers offer relief from all types of drug and alcohol addiction from various locations across the Granite State. A premier drug rehab center in New Hampshire, we’re the top choice for recovery from substance use in New England, even addiction that involves the use of opioid drugs. Our opioid detox center is second to none in the nation, offering the most skilled clinicians, the most progressive therapies, and serene, peaceful vistas that allow clients to recover away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. If you’re experiencing a problem with opioid drugs, contact Granite Recovery Centers to find out how we can help.

The Problems With Opioids

Opioid drugs are among opiate detox centerof the most damaging in the country. When prescribed wisely and used as directed, they’re wonderful at alleviating even severe pain. The problems with opioids are many, however, including the way they make you feel when you take them over a prolonged period of time.

Prescription opioids such as Percoset and OxyContin work by attaching themselves to receptors in the brain and relaying false messages. They tell your body that it’s not in pain, that it’s relaxed, and that all is well with the world. This is a warm, almost euphoric feeling for most people who take their first dose. Often, it’s the first time a person has ever felt so loved, so happy, or so pain-free. This is why it’s so easy to become dependent upon opioids. People who take opioids just want to feel better, and they want the feeling to last, so they keep taking the drug.

Opioid euphoria has a dark side, however. Over time, your body builds up a tolerance to the drug, and you have to take more and more to maintain your happy state. And all the while you’re taking it, it’s slowing your respiration. The more you take, the slower your heartbeats. Take too much, and your life suddenly ends.

The majority of people who overdose on opioids do so accidentally. They build up a high tolerance and don’t realize they’re taking that last, lethal dose. It can happen to anyone from any social standing, any age, any occupation. And it happens because someone just wants to feel better.

If you’re worried this could happen to you or to someone you love, contact our opioid detox center at Granite Recovery today.

The Opioid Detox Center at Granite Recovery

Granite Recovery Center uses a proven, integrated approach to opioid treatment in New Hampshire, including:

The best treatment programs are those designed to meet the specific needs of the individual client. At Granite Recovery, our skilled clinicians pull from a variety of treatment options to design an integrated care plan that’s best for you. There is no one approach that fits all when it comes to the treatment of substance use disorder. At Granite Recovery, the compassionate and highly trained clinicians at our opioid detox center work hard to get you the exact type of help you need to recover.

When You’re Ready to Change Your Life

When you’re ready to move away from opioid drugs and move into all that life has waiting for you, call our opioid detox center at Granite Recovery at 855.712.7784. With locations all across New Hampshire, we’re uniquely situated to help.

Opioid drugs may have influenced your past, but they don’t have to impact your future. Come feel the real joy of recovery when you join thousands of others who are fighting the same battle every day. Celebrate your success with people who understand exactly how hard you’ve worked to achieve it. Sobriety is waiting for you at Granite Recovery Centers. All that’s needed is that brave first step. Real people. Real Recovery. Begin yours today.