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Men’s Detox Center

Men’s Detox Center

At a men’s detox center, you can begin the first stage of your recovery process. Afterward, addiction specialists can help you choose the next step in your treatment. Through the right blend of care and support, you can successfully become and stay sober. Recovery is a lifelong process, and the right rehab can help you begin your own recovery journey.

What Is a Men’s Detox Center?male doctor shows male patient a chart on a clipboard at a mens detox center

There are many kinds of detox and rehab centers available. Some rehabs only offer outpatient care, and other treatment centers only provide detox. There are also comprehensive facilities that offer detox, rehab, and aftercare. The right option depends on what the client needs. If you are uncertain about what you need, you may want to go to a treatment center that offers a wide variety of options.

During the initial stages of treatment, clients will generally go to a men’s detox program. This portion of a New Hampshire men’s residential rehab program helps clients become physically clean. Detox allows the body to get rid of any remaining drugs or alcohol. Once the individual safely finishes the withdrawal process, they are able to focus completely on other therapeutic programs.

Is Gender-Specific Treatment Important?

Men and women are different in the ways they experience substance abuse and rehab. They are more likely to abuse different substances. In addition, men and women develop different co-occurring disorders.

Because of this, many people choose to go to a men’s detox center or a women’s center to get gender-specific treatment. At a men’s detox facility, clients can take part in group support meetings and group therapy. Because of the male-only environment, clients may feel more comfortable about sharing their experiences and opening up. By being able to actually open up to others and get relevant feedback, clients have a better chance of becoming sober.

Consider Dual Diagnosis Treatment

At the best men’s detox center, clients can also get dual diagnosis care. This kind of treatment is for people who have a substance abuse disorder as well as another problem. Often, other issues like post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or depression can make recovery harder. Drinking alcohol or using drugs may temporarily get rid of the symptoms of mental illness, but these symptoms return when the individual becomes sober.

When someone begins treatment, an intake counselor will go over their medical history. Physical exams and psychiatric evaluations help doctors diagnose co-occurring disorders. Then, the rehab center can tailor a unique program to match the client’s addiction history and health requirements. By treating both disorders, clients have a better chance of remaining sober after they finish rehab.

Discovering a Better Future

Through the right men’s detox facility, clients can take charge of their lives and overcome their addiction. The right men’s detox center can help throughout the initial detox process and residential treatment. Clients can also take part in outpatient, sober living, and intensive outpatient programs. Since the right treatment depends on the client’s personal situation, the best rehabs offer individualized treatment plans.

In a men’s detox program and rehab, clients can find options such as:

If you are struggling with a substance abuse problem, you do not have to detox alone. At the Granite Recovery Centers, you can find gender-specific programs, a men’s detox center, and personalized treatments. After rehab finishes, our aftercare programs can help you remain sober over the long run. To find out more about how we can help, call our team today at 855.712.7784 .