Normally, people take codeine to treat pain or a cough. Unfortunately, this drug can be addictive if someone takes it for a prolonged time period or deliberately abuses it. Once someone has an addiction to this medication, the next step is to find a codeine detox center. Through the right addiction treatment program, clients can discover the help they need and overcome their addiction.

Is Codeine Addictive?concerned doctor talks to male patient in a codeine detox center

Codeine is a kind of prescription pain medicine that people can use for mild or moderate pain. Normally, it comes in a tablet form or as a part of cough suppressants. Because it is an opiate, it is a part of the same family as drugs like heroin, morphine, and oxycodone. While morphine and heroin might be more addictive, codeine is still an extremely addictive drug.

Many people begin taking codeine without realizing how addictive it is. The individual may experience effects like apathy, euphoria, drowsiness, and relaxation. If the individual continues to use it, they have a high risk of developing a tolerance and a dependence.

Once someone has an addiction, a codeine detox facility can help. Detoxing from codeine can be extremely dangerous since codeine is an opiate. Because of this, many clients seek treatment in a codeine detox center.

How Can a Codeine Detox Center Help?

In a codeine detox program, clients can get professional support as they go through the withdrawal process. Once someone’s tolerance builds up, they require higher amounts of codeine just to feel normal. If they suddenly stop using the drug, they can go through severe withdrawal effects. The severity of these symptoms depends on the intensity and duration of their addiction.

When someone goes through codeine withdrawal symptoms, they may experience side effects like headaches, stomach pains, nausea, fever, or insomnia. They may also develop sweating, vomiting and muscle aches. Often, individuals will suffer from dehydration, depression, diarrhea, and cravings.

The actual withdrawal and detox process will generally last for about a week. While withdrawal symptoms like depression can last for months after quitting, most of the worst symptoms disappear in just a week or so. Because of how severe these symptoms can be, it is important to get help in a professional codeine detox facility.

In a codeine detox center, clients get professional care and medical supervision for the entire process. The best New Hampshire inpatient drug rehab center programs help clients stay sober and avoid relapse while they detox. They also prevent major symptoms or complications while clients go through their withdrawal symptoms.

Help Is Available

While becoming sober can be difficult, the right codeine detox center can make this process much easier. In a codeine detox program, clients get professional supervision and medical support at all times. Staff members design an individualized treatment plan for the client’s rehab and aftercare process. With the best level of support, clients are able to handle the underlying problems and disorders that fuel their addiction.

In a top codeine detox facility, clients can discover treatments such as:

You do not have to put up with the lasting pain of addiction forever. Through a top codeine detox center at the Granite Recovery Centers, you can find the care you need to become sober and stay in recovery. Our staff members have years of experience in treating addictions, so we know what it takes to stop using drugs like codeine. You can learn more about our detox and rehab options by calling us at 855.712.7784 today.