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Sober Living Residents Host Winter Clothing Drive

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A group of women in recovery from addiction have begun a new charity drive to collect hats, gloves, jackets and blankets for the homeless. Eric Spofford, the owner of Granite Recovery Centers — a Salem-based for-profit company with six addiction treatment and recovery centers across the state — is no stranger to homelessness. Before he founded the company in 2008, Spofford hit many lows when he was in the throes of his addiction to opioids. “I was very much homeless and I did commit a lot of crime in Salem,” Spofford said. In many ways, he views Granite Recovery Centers as a way for him to give back to the community that he used to take from. As a result, a group of women living at two Vision House sober homes in Manchester took it upon themselves to take up a collection to help the homeless community stay warm through the winter. There are a total of 18 women in the program, Spofford said.

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