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New Hampshire Drug Treatment

New Hampshire Drug Treatment

At Green Mountain Treatment Center, a New Hampshire drug treatment center, we understand the anxieties associated with getting clean and sober, and we are dedicated to equipping each of our clients with the tools necessary to navigate early sobriety.

Making the decision to seek professional help for an addiction problem isn’t always easy to do. The thought of such a huge change can be terrifying, even if it undoubtedly needed. Green Mountain is located in Effingham, NH and offers a comprehensive treatment program that is designed to ensure our clients can begin building a solid foundation for lasting recovery. Green Mountain’s New Hampshire drug treatment center provides clients with the essential levels of care, including a residential treatment program and a continuum of care plan.

Our recovery program is gender-specific, allowing only minimal interaction between men and women on the campus. This feature supports both a safe environment for addressing core issues allows for better concentration and less distractions. While at Green Mountain, individuals will benefit from a program that integrates the best clinical approaches to recovery with the principles and powerful design for living that can be found in the 12 Steps. Clients will take part in evidence based approaches to drug treatment, including CBT, DBT, and EMDR modalities, as well as individual and group therapy sessions. The 12 Step program contains a design for living that has helped individuals for decades to begin living a life of purpose. By combining these two tried and true treatment methods, we can offer our clients the very best opportunities to create lasting changes in their lives. In addition, Green Mountain’s New Hampshire drug treatment center offers its clients meditation groups, physical exercise, a nutritional program with a private chef, life skills training, and access to 12-Step meetings. Green Mountain is also a treatment program that supports co-occurring disorder treatment.

If you or someone you love are considering a New Hampshire drug treatment program, please contact Green Mountain Treatment Center at 855-712-7784. We are committed to helping individuals find and maintain lifelong sobriety.

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