Drug Rehab Near Maine

Like most New England states, Maine has been hit hard by the opioid epidemic. Between January 2017 and January of 2018, Maine saw more than one overdose death a day due to opioids like heroin and fentanyl, with 407 lives lost to such drugs. Opioid-related overdose deaths increased in the state for six years in a row until just last year, when the state finally saw a decrease in such tragedies.

Rise in Maine Drug Overdose Deaths

Unfortunately, the Portland Press Herald notes that despite this recent decrease, deaths related to meth and cocaine-related abuse are becoming more frequent. Non-pharmaceutical fentanyl continues to drive overdose deaths in Maine, with the potent drug involved in 61% of such deaths in 2018. Benzodiazepines are also a huge concern, as they are often taken in combination with opioids and other drugs while still being fiercely addictive in their own right.

Maine Drug Rehab: Not Enough Beds, Strict Requirements

Many Maine residents experience difficulties in accessing vital care and treatment for their substance abuse issues. Even with Maine’s lack of residential rehab facilities, recent years have seen some of the few that did exist close due to financial difficulties. Addiction treatment resources and centers in hospitals have faced similar challenges. Access to quality mental health care, a key component of recovery, is also limited in the state, with issues like a shortage of beds for patients and unreasonable requirements in order to receive care in the first place. Public officials continue to call for more treatment centers, addiction and mental health resources, and sober living facilities.

Maine’s low number of recovery facilities and general difficulty in accessing care leads to many untreated cases of addiction and substance abuse. Attempts to address addiction alone are noble, but far too often lead to relapse. Seeking care out-of-state can be necessary in these cases, and can come with many benefits if the proper facility is found.

Maine residents who require substance abuse care should consider recovery centers in nearby New Hampshire as potential care options. New Hampshire’s proximity to Maine makes visitation with family members in recovery convenient. Seeking care out-of-state also ensures that the recovering individual can work on themselves while removed from the locations, triggers, and conditions that may have led to substance abuse in the first place. A fresh environment such as New Hampshire can be invaluable in beginning recovery.

From Maine Ports to Mountain Refuge

People from Portland metro area and even Downeast Maine continue to come to Granite Recovery Centers because we’re close, and also offer a beautiful, quiet landscape to recover within. Our flagship inpatient drug rehab center is located in Effingham, NH, only just over an hour from Portland downtown and southern coastal points.

With primary residential facilities in Effingham and Canterbury, New Hampshire, Granite Recovery Centers’ residential treatment programs are located conveniently for Maine residents who need substance abuse care. Granite Recovery Centers has numerous drug rehabilitation facilities throughout New Hampshire providing a full continuum of care, from medical drug detoxification to inpatient rehab to sober living.

Granite Recovery Centers have been serving residents throughout Maine for over 10 years. We have 12 drug rehab centers throughout New Hampshire conveniently close to the Old Port of Portland, the Southern coast, Central, and Western Maine. The full continuum of drug rehab care is all within a 1-3 hour drive.

Why Maine Residents Choose GRC

  • 1 hour from Portland and Southern Maine points
  • 1 hour from many Western Maine points
  • 1-2 hours from many Central Coast Maine points
  • Mountain and lake panoramic views
  • Commutable for family visits
  • Full continuum of care
  • Abstinence-based
  • 12-step integrated with clinical modalities
  • Alumni-supported

Directions from Portland (Southern Maine)

Green Mountain Treatment Center (Effingham, N.H.) is an inpatient drug rehab center only 1 hour from Portland and Southern Maine points.

New Freedom Academy (Canterbury, N.H.) is a residential drug rehab just under 2 hours from Portland, Maine and Southern Maine points.

Directions from Brunswick and Mid-Coast Maine

Green Mountain Treatment Center (Effingham, N.H.) is an inpatient drug rehab only 1-2 hours from Brunswick and Mid-Coast Maine.

New Freedom Academy is a residential drug rehab approximate 2.5 hours from Brunswick and Mid-Coast Maine points.

Directions from Sebago Lake and Western Maine

Green Mountain Treatment Center in Effingham, NH is just 35-40 minutes from the Sebago Lake and Western Maine region.

New Freedom Academy in Canterbury, N.H. is just under 2 hours from Sebago and Western Maine points.

Directions from Bangor and Downeast Maine

Green Mountain Treatment Center in Effingham, N.H. is approximately just under 3 hours from Bangor and Downeast Maine.

New Freedom Academy in Canterbury, N.H. is approximately 4 hours from Bangor, Acadia, and Downeast Maine points.

If you are struggling with a drug addiction, please call our admissions specialists at 855.712.7784. We can help.