4D Recovery Center

4D Recovery Center

Intensive Outpatient Programming in Salem, N.H.

4D Recovery Center is an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) in Salem, N.H. that provides group and individual therapy sessions for clients in recovery.

When a client transitions from residential primary treatment back into the world of stressors and distractions, it can be a challenging time. A new life can bring feelings of uncertainty. New patterns of behavior have been learned and simulated and the core principles of the 12-Steps and a life in sobriety internalized, yet out in the real world a newly sober person can benefit from the insight and support that an Intensive Outpatient Program can lend.

Extending Support Systems with Outpatient Care

At 4D Recovery Centers, we believe in extending the support systems built-in residential treatment and extended care into all aspects of independent living and early recovery. 4D’s Intensive Outpatient Program can be instrumental nurturing early recovery by offering 12-Step supportevidence-based clinical therapy, pragmatic skill-building, and holistic resources. Our treatment team is also able to customize individualized client treatment plans in order to meet individuals client needs.

12-Step-Centered Support

Part of what makes our intensive outpatient programming effective is our focus on continued support of each client’s progress in working the 12-Steps. Fourth Dimension Recovery Centers are 12-Step centered programs, which means that our clinical treatment is based fully on the 12-Step principles and traditions. The reality is the disease of addiction centers in the mind and feeds on gratification. Without a daily design for living in full practice, the disease will go untreated and often relapse will occur.

Treatment of Co-Occurring Disorders

At Fourth Dimension Recovery Centers we understand the relationship between addiction and other mental health issues. We take a thoughtful and grounded approach to treating co-occurring disorders, leading with an integration of therapeutic services and pharmacology. We address mind, body, and spirit in a holistic manner. Our team works collaboratively to craft an individualized treatment plan that minimizes the need for medications and helps our clients experience recovery in its fullest form.

Clinically-Integrated 4D Recovery Center

4D Recovery Center employs a team of licensed therapists and recovery support staff, as well as a psychiatric nurse practitioner and medical director that provide one-on-one counseling, psychiatric therapy, and medication management (if required). The clinical modalities used by our team are tightly integrated into each client’s 12-Step work. The combination of the two treatment methods forms a solid foundation to continue building a new life in sobriety.

Our 4D Recovery Center Offers…

  • 12-Step centered approach
  • Individual and group therapy
  • Treatment of co-occurring disorders
  • Peer support groups
  • Individualized treatment plans
  • Psychoeducational groups
  • Goal-setting group
  • Medication management

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