Substance Abuse Treatment Center In Quincy MA

Substance Abuse Treatment Center In Quincy MA

Substance abuse is at startling rates across the country. With numerous opioid prescriptions and illegal street drugs, people are dealing with the consequences of an epidemic. The problem is not only in certain cities or states. Instead, it is striking everywhere. However, by participating in a  substance abuse treatment center Quincy MA, you can find healing and peace of mind.

substance abuse treatment center Quincy MA, people in therapy holding handsFirst Steps At A Substance Abuse Treatment Center In Quincy MA

Begin the journey to healing by finding a top-quality substance abuse treatment center in Quincy, MA. Through participation in a substance abuse treatment program in Quincy, MA, you will learn the tools and strategies to be successful in your quest for sobriety.

Your first step in seeking help is contacting a substance abuse treatment center in Quincy, MA. At the Granite Recovery Centers, a treatment advisor will assess your situation based on the information you provide about your history and present situation. A therapist may want you to come in to go over your substance abuse issues and discuss a plan for treatment.

The professional therapist will address advise you with what course of action is best based on your needs. However, you will make the ultimate decision about what to do. Some of the treatment programs for a substance abuse treatment program in Quincy MA include:

  • 90-Day Drug Rehab Program: This treatment program provides around the clock treatment as top-quality care and professional clinicians to monitor your condition.

  • Drug Detox: Here, you undergo withdrawal under the close supervision of clinical doctors, nurses, and therapists.

  • Partial Hospitalization Program: If you don’t want to stay within the facility 24/7 but aren’t ready to be at home full-time, this may be ideal for you.

  • Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP): A comprehensive treatment program allowing you to go home at night.

  • Outpatient Treatment Program: Perfect for individuals only struggling with mild substance abuse confident in their abilities to go unsupervised without a relapse.

The many options at a substance abuse treatment center in Quincy, MA, can make a plan fit your lifestyle.

Find Hope at Granite Recovery

At Granite Recovery, we offer top-tier services in a friendly setting. Our compassionate, experienced staff have helped many others before you. Our evidence-based treatment is sure to put you on the road to recovery and provide you peace of mind. You’ll be pleased with your progress as you move forward with your new life. We ensure your journey is customized to fit your particular needs so you’ll get the most out of your experience.

Don’t let addiction take away your zeal for life and happiness. You can be happy. Contact us at 855.712.7784 , and we’ll walk alongside you on your journey to recovery.