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Residential Addiction Treatment Center Springfield

Residential Addiction Treatment Center Springfield

small group meeting in modern library for residential addiction treatment center program in SpringfieldLiving with your addiction has taken over your life. You don’t go out, except to get drugs, you don’t go to work anymore, and your relationships are distant at best. Don’t you think it may be time to reach out to an inpatient rehab center, or residential addiction treatment center program in Springfield?

We know this time in your life can be scary. But at Granite Recovery, we are experienced in dealing with drug and alcohol abuse, and, more importantly, helping people escape from addiction’s grip. Using the 12 step program, combined with experiential therapy programs in New Hampshire, we help our clients begin a new life free of drugs and alcohol.

What Will I Encounter at the Residential Addiction Treatment Center in Springfield?

When you enroll in an inpatient rehab center, you should know that you will get 24-hour care. That is one of the advantages of a residential addiction treatment program in Springfield: with medical professionals and therapists monitoring you around the clock, you know you’re getting the best possible treatment. Additionally, there is less of a chance of relapse.

Another trademark of our residential addiction treatment center is that while you’re in the program, you won’t have your phone or computer distracting you with the outside world. We realize this is a stark difference from the rest of the world. In American culture, we’re wired to be tuned in to everything that’s happening all the time. However, we have found when our patients are focused on what’s happening online, they’re not getting the most out of their treatment. However, if they are without their phones, they are focused on what matters most: treatment.

During your treatment, you will notice:

  • You have several types of therapy
  • You can be a part of recreational activities
  • You will have prepared meals
  • You’ll work with a counselor to build coping skills for your life after rehab.

We encourage you to take advantage of all of these, because the more time you spend building these skills, the better chance you’ll have of not relapsing!

Programs Available at Granite Recovery

We offer a variety of residential addiction treatment programs in Springfield. We know that every person is unique. So, every inpatient rehab center treatment plan should also be one of a kind. To make this possible, we offer:

  • Trauma therapy programs
  • Dialectical and cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Gestalt therapy
  • Holistic addiction therapy programs
  • Group therapy

These are only a few of the therapy treatments we provide at our residential addiction treatment center in Springfield. Mixing and matching these programs to fit your needs will help us create the perfect cure for you.

Another advantage available at Granite Recovery is that we have a plethora of drug rehab aftercare programs in NH. If you have responsibilities at home in the evenings, but you still want more therapy, you can enroll in our intensive outpatient program. Maybe you are ready to graduate from the residential rehab program, but you want a little extra support as you go back to the struggles you face in everyday life. We offer sober living homes. You can live there until you’re back on your feet and can get your place. All of these options are in addition to the aftercare options we offer, such as process groups, community groups, and 12-Step meetings. We want the same thing you want. That’s for you to be successful in your sobriety.

Contact Granite Recovery Today!

Though your life seems to be a mess right now, a residential addiction treatment center in Springfield could help. Getting sober can lead to a brand new lease on life. If you or a loved one needs help fighting addiction, please call us at 855.712.7784 . Sobriety is only one phone call away. Contact Granite Recovery Centers today!