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Drug Rehab in Pittsfield

Drug Rehab in Pittsfield

Pittsfield may be a small city of only 40,000–50,000 people, but around 1,000 residents seek treatment for substance use every year. You’re not alone in your struggle with addiction. There is hope in overcoming it and living a better life than before. Rehab centers not only work to remove your body’s dependence on the substance but focus on dealing with your psychological dependence too. Therapists search for the root cause behind your substance use and use evidence-based techniques to resolve those issues. You will also learn healthy coping techniques to reduce the chance of relapsing in the future.

Substance Use Statistics in Pittsfield and Massachusetts Show You’re Not Alone

Among Pittsfield residents who enrolled in a rehab center in 2017, the top primary drug of use was alcohol. In fact, 42.8% of people reported alcohol as their primary drug. Heroin was the second most used drug at 36.2%.

Pittsfield residents of all education levels and ages have sought treatment for substance use disorder. In Pittsfield, 30.2% of people who received drug and alcohol treatment in 2017 were 31–40 years old, 16.1% were 51 years old and older, and 17.9% were 18–25 years old.

If you’re worried about how you’re going to afford treatment, you’ll be reassured to know that 50.1% of Pittsfield enrollees were unemployed at the time of admission, and 15.3% were homeless at the time of enrollment. Some rehab centers offer job-finding services to assist clients in securing employment once they leave rehab. If you’re currently pregnant, you are able to seek drug and alcohol use treatment too.

During the first nine months of 2019, there were 1,091 opioid-related deaths from overdose in Massachusetts. From 2012 to 2016 there was a sharp increase in opioid-related deaths from overdose in Massachusetts. The number has started to decrease slightly. We hope the trend will continue downwards as we encourage people to seek treatment for substance use disorder.

What Type of Rehab in Pittsfield Is Right for You?

There are three general types of rehab programs, and you don’t necessarily have to choose just one. You could enroll in a residential rehab and then switch to outpatient rehab once you return home. We recommend doing this to increase the chances of staying sober through the transition back to your day-to-day life.

• Residential Rehab Programs

In a residential rehab program, you’ll live at the center for a certain period of time. This can range from one month to one year depending on the facility and your needs. Support is usually available 24/7 at residential rehab to make sure you’re doing well on your path to recovery.

You’re likely to receive individual and group therapy during residential rehab. A good rehab program creates an individualized treatment plan for your recovery, so the specific methodologies used in your treatment depend on what your therapist thinks is most beneficial for you. Some rehab centers encourage a collaborative process in creating your treatment plan.

We recommend starting with residential rehab to overcome addiction because you’re in a safe environment where you can’t slip up. Over the course of a month or longer of being sober, you’ll have a habit in place of not using substances. You’ll find it easier to avoid using substances once you return home.

Note that residential rehab is also sometimes referred to as inpatient treatment to avoid confusion when you see this other term.

• Partial Hospitalization

The level of treatment partial hospitalization provides falls between residential and outpatient. You receive treatment around four to six hours a day five days a week in a partial hospitalization drug and alcohol treatment program. Instead of living at the treatment center, you get to continue living at your home. Some partial hospitalization programs meet all days of the week if you prefer that over five days a week.

This type of rehab is suitable if you feel uncomfortable with the thought of residential rehab but know you need intensive treatment. You can also find a smoother transition to at-home living by stepping down into a partial hospitalization program after completing a residential treatment program.

• Outpatient Rehab Treatment

Outpatient programs involve receiving a certain amount of treatment each week at the facility without living there. You can sometimes continue working while receiving outpatient treatment. Intensive outpatient treatment requires nine to 20 hours a week of treatment for two months to a year.

Weekly time commitments and the overall treatment period depends on the severity of your substance use disorder. Someone who’s seeking treatment for marijuana use, for instance, may not need as intense treatment as someone who’s overcoming heroin use. The medical team at your rehab program will evaluate your current health, drug use history, and personal preferences to determine the right schedule.

How to Get Help With Drug and Alcohol Addiction in Pittsfield

To overcome drug and alcohol addiction, you must enroll in a rehab program that suits your needs and personality. Choose a rehab you think you’ll like to increase your chance of having a positive experience and successfully overcoming addiction. Two treatment centers we recommend for Pittsfield residents are Green Mountain Treatment Center and New Freedom Academy.

• Green Mountain Treatment Center

Get away from the city, and enjoy the gorgeous scenery at Green Mountain Treatment Center. Its surrounding landscape consists of rolling hills, apple orchards, and the White Mountains. Green Mountain Treatment Center uses the 12-step approach and clinical psychotherapies to find the root cause behind your substance use and to successfully treat it. The experienced staff creates an individualized treatment plan for each patient. Masters-level clinicians, 12-step facilitators, case managers, and administrative support staff work at this treatment center, giving you expert care.

Green Mountain Treatment Center pairs new arrivals with someone who is further along in recovery to help the new residents adjust and feel welcome. Once it’s your turn to be the mentor to a newcomer, you’ll feel a sense of fulfillment that can aid in your recovery.

This drug and alcohol treatment center can incorporate holistic therapies like yoga, meditation, gym work, and experiential adventure therapy into your treatment plan. These holistic therapies strengthen your body and mind. They can help you sleep better as well.

Other services and amenities at Green Mountain Treatment Center include:

• On-site gym

• Chef-prepared meals

• Gender-separate programs

• Sub-acute detox

• Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)

• Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT)

• Trauma therapy

• Grief and loss therapy

Green Mountain Treatment Center has an outpatient program as well as a residential treatment program.

• New Freedom Academy

New Freedom Academy also has a wonderful, secluded location you’ll find therapeutic. It’s in the countryside with 17 private acres of wooded area. If you don’t like large groups, we recommend this treatment center. It’s a 20-bed facility with a high staff-to-client ratio.

This treatment center uses evidence-based practices to help you overcome drug and alcohol addiction. Fun activities you can do during your stay include paintball, mini golf, and bowling. New Freedom Academy also offers holistic therapies you can request in your treatment plan.

Clinical therapies that may be part of your treatment plan include:

• Motivational interviewing

• Co-occurring mental disorders treatment

• Individual therapy

• Process groups

• Cognitive behavioral therapy

• Dialectical behavior therapy

• Grief and loss therapy

The treatment center has 24/7 on-site medical staff to ensure your well-being. The chef prepares nutritious meals, and gender-separate accommodations are provided. You’ll have access to weekly family recovery workshops that take place off site. Workshops and educational programs are also available at New Freedom Academy.

Why You Should Receive Treatment Now for Drug and Alcohol Addiction

What was once a mild addiction can become more moderate or severe. You should receive treatment as soon as possible for any substance use problem. Recovery can become more difficult the longer you wait. Your life and health may also be at risk. It’s possible to accidentally overdose. Substances also damage your health over time.

You’ll have a higher chance of overcoming addiction with the help of qualified professionals at a drug and alcohol rehab center. Detox is a process you should never attempt on your own. This needs to be handled by a professional for your safety. Withdrawal symptoms can be life-threatening and extremely uncomfortable, especially if you attempt a self-detox.

At a rehab center, the medical staff can give you medication that eases any unpleasant withdrawal symptoms you experience. The professionals at a rehab center show you compassion and support throughout the recovery process. Having that kind of support makes recovery easier.

Receiving treatment now will let you reclaim control over your life. You can get back on track within months. When you delay treatment, it will take longer to feel like you are in control again.

What Causes You to Use Substances?

Substance use changes how the reward circuits in your brain function. It also alters areas of the brain that influence self-control and stress. Through drug and alcohol treatment, you can restore the brain to a healthy state.

When you use a drug, the reward circuits in your brain are triggered. As they begin increasing your desire for the drug, an addiction develops. Some types of substances are highly addictive. In the beginning, substance use might feel rewarding for the person. But when the brain begins triggering withdrawal symptoms when you don’t have the substance, you can lose the good feeling you once had. You may find yourself using the substance to feel normal.

Having an understanding of how addiction works can ease your frustrations and keep you patient throughout the process to recovery. It takes time to restore the healthy connections in your brain, which is part of why rehab is so crucial to anyone who wants to overcome addiction.

Psychotherapy works to change your behaviors and to address any root causes behind the substance use. You may have past trauma that made you more susceptible to using substances. Anger problems and poor stress management are other risk factors of substance use. The counseling you receive at rehab equips you with stress management skills and healthy coping mechanisms.

How Much Does Drug and Alcohol Rehab Cost in Pittsfield?

Residential treatment costs around $200-$900 per day. For longer stays, you are usually given a smaller per day cost. Outpatient rehab programs are approximately $100-$500 per treatment session. Just as with residential treatment, you can receive a lower per-session cost for a longer program.

Most rehab centers accept insurance. If your insurance doesn’t cover treatment, you can often discuss payment options with the facility. Some rehab programs offer payment plans and sliding scale payments to make it possible for you to receive treatment.

If you are currently employed, you can rest assured that federal laws protect you against being fired for enrolling in a drug and alcohol rehab program. Most employers allow up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave for medical treatment.

Recovering From Substance Use Is Possible for Everyone

Regardless of your situation, it’s possible to overcome a substance use disorder. Approach it with the mindset of never giving up, and you’ll succeed. Use the information above to help you find the right rehab program. Green Mountain Treatment Center and New Freedom Academy are two of our recommendations for those who live in Pittsfield. Although they are out of state, they’re not far away. It’s helpful to remove yourself from your current surroundings into the serene settings of these facilities to break your addiction.