Intensive Outpatient Program Cape Cod MA

Intensive Outpatient Program Cape Cod MA

As part of the serene backdrop of the beautiful New England landscape, there are Granite Recovery Centers. We go by the motto “Real People – Real Recovery. “  You are welcome to call us to begin the process of recovery, no matter where you reside. Some people find that leaving their particular state is a motivating factor to be successful. We’d like to start the conversation. If intensive outpatient programming is in order, you’ll need to reside in the New England area to facilitate your commute. However, in the case of residing in one of our sober homes, commuting would not be a factor.

We offer intensive outpatient program Cape Cod MA as one of our modes of treatment at Granite. Individuals must be 18 years and over to participate. We take a wide variety of adult clients. No matter what your drug of choice happens to be, you’ll find proper treatment here.

intensive outpatient program Cape Cod MA, doctor talking to patientIs There Regular Outpatient Treatment Programming?

What are the differences in intensive outpatient treatment programming and outpatient treatment programming? Less intensive or regular outpatient programming is for individuals who have achieved some level of sobriety and can benefit from less intervention.

It is critical to have professional counseling to understand where you are in your sobriety and what treatment modality is going to be effective. Treatment is not a punitive measure; it is in place to help you.

Toward that end, being honest about your triggers, your usage, your drugs of choice, alcohol usage, family dynamics, relationship dynamics, and just about anything you can think of that can affect your sobriety – is critical.

It is a brave individual that pipes up and suggests that they attend intensive Outpatient Treatment Center, Cape Cod, MA, or IOP Cape Cod MA. This realization can be the turning point in your recovery.  Though there are similarities, no two people’s addiction is exactly alike. Consequently, no two people’s treatment for addiction is exactly alike. We strive to work with you to get the right balance of treatment to achieve long-term, life-long sobriety.

Intensive Outpatient Program Cape Cod MA – A Great Innovation

IOP Cape Cod MA is available as well as other New England locations. Intensive outpatient treatment can be an option for those who are employed as well. Integrating back into your community is a goal. That is why intensive outpatient treatment is such a great innovation.

The fact is despite the inordinate amount of deaths and overdoses from substance abuse in the New England area, an intensive outpatient center Cape Cod MA is not easy to find. They are few and far between. Granite is diligent and grateful to be entrusted with caring for you or a loved one. Intensive outpatient center Cape Cod MA will look different for each participant. However, be assured that you or your loved one will receive quality, caring rehabilitative treatment.

Expect individualized substance abuse or alcohol abuse treatment. Intensive outpatient programming can be every single day of the week if needed. Again, it is individualized to your particular situation. Typically, intensive outpatient program Cape Cod MA is five days a week. During that time, which can be a part-day or full day, you will meet with your counselor as well as participate in several group treatment modalities.

Your intensive outpatient program Cape Cod MA may also include holistic therapies and 12 step group participation.

Granite Recovery Centers Has Everything So That We Can Treat Everyone

Aside from the intensive outpatient program Cape Cod MA, Granite has the following programs and treatment modalities:

This is not a complete listing. We offer individualized treatment and are not rigid in implementation. You are the most important part of the treatment team. Let’s put together a treatment plan that is going to work well in keeping you sober. The ball is in your court. We’re ready to get your life back into positive motion. Call us today at 855.712.7784 .