Heroin Addiction Treatment Center Boston MA

Heroin Addiction Treatment Center Boston MA

Are you looking for a heroin addiction treatment center Boston MA residents know has an outstanding reputation? Granite Recovery Centers is a CARF accredited rehab facility that treats heroin and other types of drug addiction. We know that heroin is a highly addictive substance that can devastate a person’s life, relationships, or career. Having a mental health disorder at the same time can also make matters worse. As such, we design our treatment programs to address substance abuse and co-occurring disorders simultaneously.

heroin addiction treatment center Boston MA, group of people in therapyHeroin Addiction and the Signs

The American Society of Addiction Medicine defines addiction as a chronic but treatable disease involving the brain. The disease causes substance users to seek and use drugs, such as heroin, without concern for the harmful consequences.

In spite of their compulsive drug use behaviors, heroin users or their loved ones may not know they are battling an addiction. However, a heroin addiction treatment center Boston MA has for drug users can properly diagnose heroin use disorder. Meanwhile, here are some telltale signs of heroin addiction:

  • You are always thinking about using heroin
  • You need larger doses of heroin to feel the same high
  • Intense cravings or withdrawal symptoms show up when you’re not using heroin

The good news is, the heroin addiction treatment program Boston, MA, rehabs offer usually include medication-assisted detox to help you safely withdraw from the drug.

Recovering at a Heroin Addiction Treatment Center Boston MA Residents Trust

Any heroin addiction treatment center Boston MA has can help you once you’ve made up your mind to begin treatment. Addiction treatment involves a step-by-step approach to helping you lose physical and psychological dependence on drugs.

Two main phases of recovery are detox and mental health treatment. However, other therapies can be included in your treatment plan. The more therapy you’re exposed to and the longer you remain in treatment, the greater your chance of recovery.

At Granite Recovery Centers, we have a heroin addiction treatment program. Boston MA treatment specialists can vouch for. Recovery care typically kicks off with a dual diagnosis treatment evaluation to determine the level of care you need. We will also help you decide which of these programs best match your needs:

Heroin Detox

Heroin detox is not a process that should be rushed by taking a “cold turkey” approach. In fact, those who suddenly stop using heroin expose themselves to health complications from severe withdrawal symptoms. Symptoms include increased heart rate and high blood pressure. Giving in to intense cravings can also cause heroin overdose. At a heroin detox center, you can receive medical care, supervision, and medication if necessary to help relieve various overbearing symptoms. Round-the-clock care is also available for clients recovering at an inpatient or residential drug rehab.

Heroin Addiction Treatment

Treatment for heroin addiction involves a plan that uses evidence-based therapies such as cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT). Some clients may also benefit from trauma therapy. The heroin addiction treatment program Boston MA rehabs have almost always include CBT or a similar type of psychotherapy. The reason behind the use of CBT is the impact it has on a person’s chance for long-term recovery.

During individual or group therapy sessions with your therapist, you will learn how your thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and behaviors may push you to do drugs. You will also learn life skills to cope with problems, stress, or underlying disorders that may trigger heroin use. Co-occurring disorders include depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

That’s not all. We will help you deal with post-acute withdrawal symptoms (PAWS) as well as set up an aftercare and relapse prevention plan. All our therapies and programs strive to protect your sobriety during and after rehab.

Going Back to a Drug-Free Life

Granite Recovery Centers is a heroin addiction treatment center Boston MA men and women can make their safe haven while trying to quit. We can help whether you live in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, or another part of New England. Call 855.712.7784 to let us know if you wish to enroll in our programs.