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Drug Rehab Programs Portland Maine

Drug Rehab Programs Portland Maine

therapist and client discuss Drug rehab programs in Portland MaineWhen it comes to searching for drug rehab programs in Portland, Maine, there are many options out there. Which one should you choose to fight your addiction? Let us help you. We can assure you that the drug rehab center at Granite Recovery is the ideal choice for you. 

Our New England treatment centers want to help you towards a renewed life. We know your addiction is not your fault, but we want you to be free from it. Only then can you enjoy the life you want instead of huddling in the shadows of addiction. We use the 12 step program to get you on the road to recovery. 

What is the First Step? 

The first step in your journey to sobriety is getting through detox. Detox is a critical step in this process. Until your mind is free from the toxins of drugs, you won’t be able to use the lessons you’ll learn through our therapy regimen. 

The timeline for detox depends on your addiction. A cocaine detox looks different than a heroin detox, and a heroin detox looks different than a detox from prescription pills. However, there is a particular timeline you can follow to some extent. You can expect the first withdrawal symptoms to start within the first day. These will be relatively mild, such as nausea, a headache, or being tired. Some drugs don’t have physical effects, but you may begin feeling depressed or suicidal. 

These withdrawal symptoms will gradually get worse over the next few days, and then they will start to taper off slowly until you feel almost better. You should enroll in a detox program because some of the withdrawal symptoms could be life-threatening. However, there is no way to tell what your symptoms will be. Once you’re through the detox period, you can begin the next step: rehab. 

Why Choose a Drug Rehab Program in Portland, Maine

While detox frees your body from addiction, rehab frees your mind. Our program uses the 12 step program, combined with multiple addiction therapy programs. Many drug rehab centers in Portland, Maine offer some therapy options, but at Granite Recovery, we offer many different therapy programs. Some of the therapy options we provide are: 

  • Cognitive and dialectical behavioral therapy
  • Men’s and Women’s therapy programs
  • Experiential therapy
  • PTSD treatment
  • Anger management programs

We know that every person is different, so every treatment has to be different as well. With so many therapy program options, we try to tailor your therapy program to the person who needs it. 

We have several different rehab programs that you can choose. Residential, or inpatient rehab is where the client stays at the facility. We provide food, a room, therapy, and many other people who are going through the same thing you are. We recommend this for people who have newly broken free from a severe addiction because it minimizes the chances that you will relapse. Another option is intensive outpatient therapy. With intensive outpatient therapy, you come to the facility a few times a week for treatment, and the rest of the time, you live at home. This option is not recommended for those who live with other drug addicts, or in a place that you may come across multiple triggers. 

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If you think you’re ready to enroll in a drug rehab program in Portland, Maine, please consider Granite Recovery. To find out more, call us today at 855.712.7784 . Don’t be afraid to make the first step to recovery. Call us today.