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Drug Rehab Center Maine

Drug Rehab Near Maine

The opioid epidemic has ripped through the state of Maine. Between 2010 and 2017, Maine was among the top five states with the largest number of fatal opioid overdoses. By 2017, Maine experienced a bit of a respite in its rate of fatal opioid deaths but remained among the top 10 states in the nation when it came to deaths by opioid overdoses. In 2017, the last year a full set of statistics is available, 360 people died as the result of opioid overdoses in Maine according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

Addiction and Overdose in Maine

Another alarming statistic concerns the overall number of drug overdoses of all types in Maine. The stark reality is that nearly twice as many people die from drug overdoses in Maine as are killed in automobile accidents in the state. Approximately 3,000 drug overdoses in Maine annually resulted in the need for responding emergency medical personnel. In addition, there are approximately 3,000 drug-related criminal offenses charged in the state of Maine annually. Alcohol addiction is another type of problematic health issue in Maine at this time. Approximately 20% of Mainers self-report that they engaged in consistently heavy drinking in the past month or binge drinking at least one time during that same time period. The admission rate to drug addiction treatment programs outpaces the national average. The admission rate for alcohol as the primary reason for treatment is about 30 for every 10,000 people. The admission rate when opioids is the primary reason for treatment is at about 27 for every 10,000 people in the state.

When, How and Why to Get Assistance for Substance Use Disorder or Drug Addiction

girl thinking about a drug rehab center maine You may wonder when, how and why help for substance use disorder or drug addiction is necessary. You may be at a juncture in your own life at which you wonder if you’re in need of professional assistance for substance use disorder or addiction. On the other hand, you may have a loved one who is laboring under an addiction, and you wonder if professional help is necessary. There are signs that can assist you in making a determination about the necessity for help with substance use disorder or addiction. Moreover, there are steps to take to access professional assistance for addiction, including the assistance of reputable residential rehab centers like Green Mountain Treatment Center and New Freedom Academy that serve people in Maine in need of professional help. Signs that a person is suffering from substance use disorder or addiction can be placed in five general categories. These include physical, emotional and psychological, financial, legal and social. Physical symptoms of substance use disorder begin with such signs as a failure to maintain solid hygiene, poor eating habits and sleeping irregularities. As substance use disorder progresses to addiction, a person is unable to go through the day without using their drug of choice. An individual more than physically craves a particular substance but requires it or will enter into what is medically known as a state of withdrawal. Emotional and psychological signs of substance use disorder and addiction come in a number of forms. A person afflicted with substance use disorder or addiction often suffers from mental health conditions like depression, anxiety or PTSD. As an addiction progresses, a person with substance use disorder typically faces ever more serious financial problems. An individual with an addiction ultimately will use any accessible money to buy drugs. A person with severe substance use disorder will end up lacking funds necessary to pay bills and even satisfy the costs associated with day-to-day living. As obtaining and using mind-altering substances becomes the focus of the life of a person with an addiction, odds are that an individual will become unemployed and unable to obtain gainful employment. Legal problems are also likely to mount. These initially may include legal issues like debt collection cases for unpaid bills. It may progress to an eviction or mortgage foreclosure lawsuit. Ultimately, a person with an addiction may face criminal charges like driving under the influence, drug possession and theft. Other major signs associated with a person in need of help for substance use disorder are associated with social activities and contacts. A person laboring under an addiction will withdraw from activities and people previously enjoyed. Eventually, a person with an addiction to a mind-altering substance has social connections that will only include fellow users as well as people from whom drugs can be obtained. If you have a loved one suffering from substance use disorder or a drug addiction, an intervention may be necessary to aid that person in making a decision to seek treatment. An intervention typically involves a coming together of family, friends and even colleagues to share their objective thoughts about how substance use by a person laboring under an addiction is impacting their lives. The idea is to help an individual with substance use disorder garner insights into the condition and how it’s impacting others.

Types of Addiction Treatment Programs Available for People in Maine

What Does Addiction Treatment or Rehab Cost?

man celebrating because of a drug rehab center in maine The costs associated with substance use disorder or addiction treatment are governed by the type of rehab program an individual elects to undertake. When it comes to the costs associated with treatment, medical insurance may provide coverage for some or all of the expenses. The starting point in exploring the costs of treatment is your health insurance policy or that of your loved one. When considering entering a treatment program of the kind offered by Green Mountain Treatment Center or New Freedom Academy, the staff members of these centers can assist a person seeking recovery with dealing with cost-related issues. This includes assisting in preparing and filing a claim with a health insurance carrier.

Why Maine Residents Choose GRC

Treatment at Green Mountain Treatment Center

Green Mountain Treatment Center is an addiction rehab facility structured upon a 12-step curriculum. Additionally, Green Mountain integrates evidence-based clinical therapeutic modalities into its course of treatment for a client. The professional team at Green Mountain Treatment Center is well aware that people with substance use disorder or addiction do not reach such points in their lives in the same manner. Rather, every person has been on his or her own pathway that resulted in facing addiction. Understanding this reality, the clinical staff at Green Mountain Treatment Center partners with each individual client to develop a comprehensive, completely individualized treatment plan and course of rehab. The center never takes a one-size-fits-all approach to a client’s treatment and recovery. A considerable percentage of people with a drug addiction face the prospect of a challenging withdrawal process when they initially stop using. There are physical, mental and emotional risks associated with drug withdrawal. Green Mountain Treatment Center maintains a medical detox facility for clients in need of this level of support and care. The detox facility is staffed 24 hours a day by medical professionals with backgrounds in addiction treatment. Green Mountain Treatment Center is an adult-focused and gender-separate recovery program located in Effingham, New Hampshire. The center is ideally situated in shadows of the truly panoramic White Mountains of New Hampshire. The serene, pastoral setting is an ideal backdrop for treatment and recovery.

Recovery at New Freedom Academy

Located in Canterbury, New Hampshire, New Freedom Academy is a small, intimate recovery center with only 20 beds. New Freedom Academy has a low client-to-clinician ratio, which ensures that every resident is able to take advantage of a truly individualized comprehensive course of treatment. Residents of New Freedom Academy are provided a variety of clinical psychotherapeutic support services. Clinical psychotherapy at New Freedom Academy includes one-on-one individual therapy, process groups or group therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and grief and loss therapy. New Freedom Academy also provides residents with treatment for co-occurring mental illness or a dual diagnosis. Many people with a substance use disorder also suffer from some sort of mental health condition. In addition to clinical psychotherapy, residents at New Freedom Academy also have access to different types of holistic therapies. These therapeutic modalities include meditation, yoga and physical exercise. The ultimate objective of the personalized care plans at New Freedom Academy is to more than just help a person obtain sobriety. Rather, the professional clinical team is committed providing effective courses of treatment that work toward healing the whole person. The clinical teams at both Green Mountain Treatment Center and New Freedom Academy understand that recovery is a process. As a consequence, following the end of primary residential treatment, clients of these centers embark on a course of aftercare. An aftercare program typically includes some of the same types of therapeutic and other modalities that were undertaken during the residential component of treatment and rehab. These likely include individual therapy, process group therapy and participation in a support program like Alcoholics Anonymous. As is the case with primary residential treatment, an aftercare program is individualized via a comprehensive relapse prevention plan. If you or a loved one is in need of addiction treatment in Maine, know that help is available. Getting assistance with your journey to sobriety is as easy as reaching out today.

Directions from Portland (Southern Maine)

Green Mountain Treatment Center (Effingham, N.H.) is an inpatient drug rehab center only 1 hour from Portland and Southern Maine points.New Freedom Academy (Canterbury, N.H.) is a residential drug rehab just under 2 hours from Portland, Maine and Southern Maine points.

Directions from Brunswick and Mid-Coast Maine

Green Mountain Treatment Center (Effingham, N.H.) is an inpatient drug rehab only 1-2 hours from Brunswick and Mid-Coast Maine.New Freedom Academy is a residential drug rehab approximate 2.5 hours from Brunswick and Mid-Coast Maine points.

Directions from Sebago Lake and Western Maine

Green Mountain Treatment Center in Effingham, NH is just 35-40 minutes from the Sebago Lake and Western Maine region.New Freedom Academy in Canterbury, N.H. is just under 2 hours from Sebago and Western Maine points.

Directions from Bangor and Downeast Maine

Green Mountain Treatment Center in Effingham, N.H. is approximately just under 3 hours from Bangor and Downeast Maine.New Freedom Academy in Canterbury, N.H. is approximately 4 hours from Bangor, Acadia, and Downeast Maine points.If you are struggling with a drug addiction, please call our admissions specialists at 855.712.7784 . We can help.

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