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Drug Rehab in West Hartford

Drug Rehab in West Hartford

West Hartford is perched right at the center of Hartford in the state of Connecticut and boasts social amenities and historic tourist attractions. It started as a parish of Hartford in the middle 18th century. In 2010, Kiplinger’s Personal Finance magazine ranked it one of the best cities to raise a family due to its idyllic setting and tranquil surrounding. Being the residential suburb of most people in Hartford, West Hartford encompasses a blend of people from all walks of life.

Best Rehab Centers West Hartford

However, this area is not without its struggles. Like many other cities and towns across the US, West Hartford has a worryingly sizable number of drug and alcohol users. Hard drugs such as cocaine, opium and other substances are part of the issue, and alcohol is also to blame.

Prescription drugs are included in the drug problem in West Hartford. According to West Hartford News, Connecticut had 3,701 opioid-related deaths from 2015 to 2019. Fentanyl is also a prevalent problem in Connecticut, and users addicted to opioids commonly use this drug. In 2017, 760 of the 1,071 opioid-related deaths involved fentanyl in at least one form.

Alcohol and drug addiction can affect people from all spiritual backgrounds, races, colors, sexes and even financial situations. It is important to understand that every substance user needs mental, detox and medical care for full recovery. Those addicts in West Hartford are no different. While you may have grown to be dependent on the drugs or alcohol to address “pain” or find “solace,” you are not alone in your situation. People of all walks of life in West Hartford have gone through similar experiences, and the best way to deal with it is to ask for help. You can find a number of treatment centers in West Hartford that can help you with your road to recovery.

If you are an addict who is seeking to quit drug and alcohol overuse, you should pay a visit to a rehabilitation center near or around West Hartford and enroll for treatment. Detox is often the first step in the recovery process, and rehab centers have professionals that can help you with this difficult step.

The Statistics

According to the Annual Statistical Report of 2018 by the Evaluation, Quality Management & Improvement Division of Connecticut, approximately 57,501 individuals enrolled for substance use programs in various rehab institutions in 2018 alone. That figure accounted for more than 50% of the 105,540 cases reported, with the remaining percentage representing victims of mental health issues or both disorders.

Of this, 385 people enrolled for substance use treatment in West Hartford, while 372 individuals reported cases of mental health disorders. Alcohol and heroine were the top two substances that patients reported having issues with.

You are not alone in your journey to beat substance use disorder. According to the official West Hartford substance use resource page, there are new cases of substance use every other day within the region. On the positive side, there are many drug rehabilitation centers in and near Connecticut with ample amenities to help you with recovery.

Substance Use Disorder Symptoms

If you suspect that your loved one has a substance use disorder, it’s important to get them help. Here are a few symptoms of substance use disorder:

•Frequently missing school or work

•Lacking energy or motivation

•Neglecting their appearance

•Extreme changes in behavior

•Issues with money

It’s important that those struggling with drug use get help as soon as possible because health problems can develop. Some examples of health issues include:

•Cardiovascular disease



•Lung disease

How to Decide on a Rehab Center in West Hartford

You may find it emotionally draining to work through your addiction. There are a variety of treatment centers offering different services to different groups of users. When deciding on which rehab facility to attend, try to evaluate yourself objectively and be honest about your dependence. Both the type of drugs you indulge in and the period of use are fundamental factors that need to be considered when you’re selecting a rehab center and treatment method for your addiction.

While selecting a suitable drug addiction facility in West Hartford can be tough, you must keep away from obstructions that may interfere with your detox routine. Most centers are based on gender, age, sex or religious beliefs. Consider which type of treatment center would best suit your needs. It’s essential that you feel comfortable at your treatment facility.

Treatment Options

There is a myriad of treatment options within the township of West Hartford. The treatment you settle on depends on the medical intervention needed as well as how serious your addiction is.

Residential rehab facilities are for full-time clients who want to focus on their recovery nonstop. They involve rigorous sessions and physical activity to help you detach from substance use completely. You get to stay at the facility during the period of medication and treatment. The period can span one month, three months or even a whole year depending on the nature of your addiction and the recommended recovery procedure. What’s more, you don’t have to worry about commuting on a daily basis. These programs also inculcate yoga, counseling and vocational training classes to enable a wholesome recovery. At the end of it all, you come out sober and have better coping skills.

The outpatient setup enables patients to travel to and from their homes, without necessarily residing at the facilities. Those patients who want to seek treatment but don’t necessarily need round-the-clock care and still want to go about their jobs and daily lives might benefit from this type of treatment program. Ultimately, you get to balance between your job and the treatment. With outpatient centers, you get to enroll for recovery sessions at the facility and acquire a personalized timetable that won’t interfere with any of your must-do assignments or appointments. Outpatient centers also cater to patients who need a little push to get over the other end of substance use disorder while at the same time making it is easy for follow-up sessions after a residential program.

How Much Does Rehab in West Hartford Cost?

Treatment centers dotting West Hartford and the larger Connecticut area charge differently depending on the nature of the treatment recommended by a physician and the quality of care extended at the particular facility.

Some centers charge more than others. Generally, you can expect residential treatment services to cost more than outpatient ones since you’ll be staying in the facility for an extended amount of time, which means you’ll be eating and sleeping on-site. A standard inpatient long-term facility may cost between $1,000 and $5,000 for full detox therapy while an outpatient program may cost from $300 to $900.

Another factor that can affect the cost is whether the recovery center is privately or state-owned. Privately owned facilities tend to cost more than state-owned ones. As such, a state-owned rehab facility can be absolutely free or can charge clients less than $3,000 for full-time treatment. Privately owned facilities with eccentric therapeutic amenities and medical teams can charge clients amounts that range from $10,000 to $30,000. Additionally, there are even community-run rehab facilities where patients don’t have to pay anything. In such a setup, the local state of Connecticut, in conjunction with community leaders, caters for all expenses as part of an outreach rehabilitation program.

If you have an active medical insurance provider, they may pay for part, or all, of your program.

Rehab Centers Near West Hartford

New Freedom Academy

Sitting at the heart of New Hampshire’s Canterbury countryside, New Freedom Academy exists as a low-count yet fully furnished rehab facility set in an idyllic environment perfect for recovery. Served by a specialized team of physicians, patients can be assured of top-notch care in this long-term residential center. Their signature client support programs and services include:

• Medical Psychotherapy: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is an intricate and exhaustive procedure that helps addicts comprehend the underlying emotions and thoughts surrounding their addiction. Thus, they are equipped with better ways of understanding themselves.

• Therapeutic treatment: Addiction can have a serious effect on the body. With therapeutic treatments, the client gets to participate in physical exercise such as yoga, nutrition balance, sleep studies, evidence-based practices and grounding services to assist on the road to recovery.

• Clinical psychotherapy: Here, the patient is engaged by expert psychologists through group and personal sessions, which include treatment for re-occurring mental disorders, motivational interviewing, dialectical behavior therapy and process groups.

Green Mountain Treatment Center

Located in the tranquil edge of the White Mountains and New Hampshire Lakes, Green Mountain Treatment Center provides a therapeutic atmosphere for recovery from substance use and mental disorders. It is a long-term residential home for adults — both men and women. The physicians are professionals who hold master’s degrees in their respective areas of specialization to provide you with high-quality care. The facility fundamentally focuses on the following areas of addiction treatment:

• Family and client support groups: Group therapy is considered an imperative component of addiction recovery. Here, clients get to know each other and perform activities that require teamwork. Patients that partake in this treatment get to hear other people’s stories and work as part of a team.

• Medical detoxification: Substance addiction results in psychological and physical dependence. Your body’s organs are likely to react when abruptly cut short from drugs. Trained medical staff help monitor any withdrawal signs and protect your emotional and physical health by making any necessary interventions while you withdraw.

• Individualized treatment: There’s not a one-size-fits-all solution for addiction. By tailoring your treatment plan to you, you’ll get to receive personalized treatment based on your unique needs.

• Holistic therapy: Green Mountain Treatment Center has comprehensive activities that will accelerate both your spiritual and physical healing. Yoga classes, gym workouts and experimental adventure therapy are some of the physically intensive activities that spur holistic healing and foster reconnection between the mind, soul and body. This type of therapy helps calm the nerves, reduce physical discomforts and promote undisturbed sleep in the very formative recovery stages.

• Patient-to-patient program: Living in a long-term rehabilitation facility doesn’t sound like much fun, especially if you don’t have immediate friends. However, this interaction program between new and old patients makes it easy to cultivate a helpful and lasting friendship with the larger Green Mountain Treatment Center family.

• 12-step dedicated curriculum: This framework of detoxification is intuitively designed and tailored to make sure that your journey through recovery is successful. The physicians are specifically coached to adhere to the 12 steps of the program, one after the other, to ensure your holistic recuperation.

If you or someone you know is struggling with substance use disorder, contact one of these rehab facilities today.