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New England Drug Rehab Centers

New England Drug Rehab Centers

Addiction has taken over your life, and you’re interested in New England drug rehab centers that take steps above and beyond their competitors. Thankfully, our New Hampshire drug and alcohol rehab centers can give you the help that you need to overcome your addiction. Our motto is “Real people, real recovery,” and we work hard every day to give people like you new hope.

Programs Available at Our New England Drug Rehab Centersnew england drug rehab centers

At Granite Recovery Centers, we focus on many principles of recovery to ensure that our clients beat addiction for good. As a result, each treatment is tweaked to meet the unique needs of each of our guests. Not every care option will work for each person, which is why we provide a comprehensive array of choices, including:

  • Detox programs – Remove dangerous substances from the body and help prepare for more difficult care
  • Residential treatment – Stay with us to get round-the-clock care from high-quality professionals who you can trust
  • Outpatient treatment – Come to our centers for the day and go home to take care of your family and your career needs
  • Aftercare programs – Check in with us after your treatment to track your progress and sobriety
  • Holistic treatment options – Utilize alternative care options, such as massage therapy, to relax the body and mind during treatment

Whether you are addicted to heroin, methamphetamine, or alcohol, we have a care option suitable for your needs. No single care option can provide universal benefits for addiction. A diverse, comprehensive, and welcoming treatment plan will give individuals like you the best chance to beat addiction and regain a sober lifestyle.

Other Services Provided for Addiction Treatment in New England

Addiction treatment in New England takes on many different forms and gives individuals like you the best chance to recover and find a sober life. Just a few of our specific treatment options that you may want to try include:

  • Individual and group counseling – Learn about your addiction by yourself or with the care of others like you
  • Dual diagnosis treatment – Manage co-occurring disorders to enhance your recovery process
  • 12- step program – Walk through each step with the help of an individualized treatment plan and the Big Book
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy – Correct problematic behaviors and learn how to cope with abuse triggers
  • Trauma therapy – Learn how trauma can trigger addiction and work your way through the after-effects of this problem

We strive to provide the kind of treatment that we would want to get if we experienced addiction. Many of our staff members have gone through this process and can relate and empathize with you in many unique ways.

Relaxation is Key to Success

At Granite Recovery Centers, we strive to provide you with a high level of relaxation and comfort. Recovery doesn’t have to feel like boot camp or a significant challenge that takes you out of life and causes pain and suffering. Instead, we try to make your care a comforting situation. One in which you feel at home and happy, surrounded by people who you can trust to get help.

That’s why we provide sober living options for our clients. This addiction treatment in New England provides you with the support you need after treatment. And while you stay with us, we offer many amenities that our competitors do not. For example, we have an on-site gym where you can work off some steam and stay in shape.

Our clients also get access to fun outings, such as bowling, mini-golf, and paintball adventures. The idea behind these activities is to keep you active and focused during what can be very difficult and trying periods. Just as importantly, we strive to work with you to ensure you can afford our care. We take most types of insurance and even work with grants for addiction care and treatment.

Contact Us to Get the Help That You Need

So if you want to visit one of our New England drug rehab centers, please contact us at Granite Recovery Centers by calling 855.712.7784 . Our experts will work with you to find a high-quality treatment option that meets your needs. We strive to provide a holistic level of treatment with evidence-based care, giving you the help necessary to regain your sobriety for good.