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eric spofford, founder of granite recovery centers - letter from the founder - drug addiction treatment and alcohol rehab in new hampshire - extended care - sober living for women and menFrom the moment I discovered recovery, and the message that promised me the hope I did not have to die from this disease, I knew I wanted to dedicate my life’s work to helping others recover. Since my early teen years, the grips of addiction had its hold on me and by sixteen I was convinced that I would either die or be in prison before age twenty-one. While having grown up in “nice town”, New Hampshire, working in the family business and having a bright future in front of me, the idea of being a drug addict was completely taboo. By age twenty-one I was fifty pounds under weight, completely unhealthy, homeless and hopeless. I finally found recovery in what felt like just days before discovering what would be my destiny of jails, institutions, or death.

The nearly immediate passion I had for helping others with the same affliction was undeniable. Almost all of my free time was spent in church basements and volunteering at treatment programs. This passion for being of service focused on young men new to recovery. So I decided to open a young men’s sober living house, which turned into two houses in a short time, and ultimately became an extended care treatment program with a full array of services. This program grew into national recognition, and continues its mission today.

In 2011, a colleague of mine tipped me off to a 17-acre property in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire in the historic village of Canterbury. I went to see it and immediately fell in love with the place and its beautiful surroundings. I knew it was an excellent location for a new treatment center. However, I wasn’t able to make a deal at that time. A year later, I found myself sitting in a room on that same property bidding on it in an auction. I won that auction with paddle #164! I spent the next two years coordinating with the town and gaining all the needed approvals, and a complete renovation of the property immediately followed. And so New Freedom Academy was born and opened in September of 2015.

In October of 2015, the universe stepped in and let me know my mission was not complete. I was again made aware of a location in New Hampshire that was available for treatment. This property spans across, 75 acres, two apple orchards, multiple buildings, and a breath taking view of New Hampshire’s Lakes and White Mountain Regions. This campus, gave the Granite Recovery Centers’ team the ability to treat both men and women, suffering from the disease of addiction. Green Mountain Treatment Center came to life in January of 2016.

Adhering to my belief that recovery is a process that does not happen for everyone in 30-days, and Granite Recovery Centers’ commitment to long-term treatment, I knew I needed to provide the same pathway for success for the women as I had in place for men. Granite House for Women opened its doors in April of 2016. This unique, three phase extended care program couples a safe and structured environment with a strong 12-step and clinical program to support the women while they navigate their way through early recovery. Granite House for Women is located in Concord, New Hampshire which allows the residents to take full advantage of employment and educational opportunities as well as benefiting from the strong 12 Step community.

Following our mission of 12-Step centered clinical treatment, Granite Recovery Centers seeks to help new men and women receive the same gift I received – a new life of abundance. If you or a loved is in need of help, please call us. Addiction is an absolutely treatable disease, we prove this each and every day in our work. I am honored to be chosen to serve.

God Bless,
Eric Spofford

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