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Effects of Drug Addiction

You never meant for addiction to happen. Now, it’s slowly consuming your life. Should you get help? Here are some effects of drug addiction that’ll answer this question.

Physical Effects of Drug Addiction

Drugs disable the brain’s equilibrium. They change brain functions and neurotransmitter functionality. Therefore, you no longer react to stimuli the way you usually would. In the case of alcohol, your brain tries to override the nervous system.

When you abuse stimulants, the body attempts to keep up with the increase in heart rate. Sometimes, this puts too much strain on the cardiovascular system, which could lead to heart attacks or strokes. Yet no matter what drug you consume, there are signs that it’s time for the next dose.

At the New Hampshire drug addiction rehab center locals trust, therapists refer to these signs as withdrawal symptoms. These are your body’s reminders that the chemicals are leaving the body. Withdrawal symptoms are one of the most obvious physical effects of drug addiction.

Psychological Effects

Of course, the effects of drug addiction aren’t only physical. You also deal with mental results of drug addiction. If you currently struggle with anxiety or depression, it worsens. Many drugs adversely affect dopamine production.

Therefore, you might sink into a depression when you try to quit at home. Many people also experience abnormal distrust of others as well as aggression toward them. It’s not unusual for someone to act out violently because of drugs.

Getting Help for a Substance Abuse Problem

You might have tried quitting on your own. Many people attempt to stop using several times by themselves before calling a rehab facility. Some succeed for a brief time and then relapse. Others quit their attempts when the withdrawal symptoms get too intense.

There are different types of addiction treatment available. Examples include:

What Happens if You Don’t Get Treatment?

Drug addiction doesn’t disappear. It’s not a phase. Rather, it’s a progressive disease. Its effects worsen over time.

You’ll continue to abuse the drug that you’ve been using. It’ll probably lead to continuously-increasing doses. Eventually, you start combining it with other substances to boost the effect. Therapists refer to this behavior as polysubstance abuse.

It’ll further endanger you as the added drug takes its toll on your system. For some, drugs become so important that they completely shift the focus away from everything else. It’s not unusual for people to become homeless.

Physical, emotional, and psychological effects of drug addiction worsen. There’s also the potential loss of jobs, relationships, and homes. However, your life doesn’t have to go down this road. When you enroll in treatment at Granite Recovery Centers, caring therapists want to help you recover; call 855.712.7784 today. Granite Recovery Centers provides medical detoxification for people who do not need immediate medical intervention, are not a danger to themselves, and are capable of self-evacuation in the event of an emergency.