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What Is Lean?

Lean is a seemingly innocuous cocktail but has become a deadly recreational drug. Manufactured by mixing large amounts of prescription cough syrup, generally Promethazine, various codeine medications, carbonated beverage, and hard candy. Often, potency is underestimated because of a candy-like taste and being sipped.

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Are You Wondering What Is Lean?

What is Lean Drink as opposed to Lean? They are one and the same. This drug has many different names, as do most illicit substances. Lean is a killer. It is especially dangerous because Lean is often unwittingly consumed with other drugs. Doing so compounds its lethality. Codeine acts as a central nervous system depressant. Consequently, it affects your breathing. At high doses, Lean can produce coma-like symptoms or respiratory problems. Most times, people do not adequately measure the amount of codeine that is used for the cocktail. As a result, overdose is frequent with Lean.

What are Lean’s Other Names?

Also called Memphis Mud, Purple Sprite, Texas Tea, Drank, Purple Stuff, Lean Drink, and Sizzurp, Lean has many names.

The effects of lean are a combination of euphoria and sedation. This is due to the combination of drugs in the cocktail. Users report that they feel the effects of Lean or Purple Drank for about 3 to 6 hours. It gained the moniker, Lean due to the stumbling or “leaning” effect of the Lean Drink.

Codeine-infused cough syrup suppresses coughing and pain. Doctors often prescribe it innocently. Unfortunately, this can lead to abuse. Codeine, Purple Drank, and the like are gateway drugs since they aren’t as potent as other opiates. Unfortunately, people often seek a higher high and subsequently graduate to other more potent opiates or opioids.

A Quick Word About Opiates and Opioids

Lean has codeine in it, which is both an opioid and an opiate. An opiate is a naturally derived substance. Codeine is derived directly from opium or from morphine. Morphine is also an opium derivative. Opioids, conversely, are from any substance that works with the opioid receptors in the human brain. They work to block pain receptors.

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