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Recognizing The Signs Of A Functioning Alcoholic

If you have been worried about a loved one’s alcohol intake, but they appear to perform daily tasks without difficulty, knowing the signs of a functioning alcoholic is important. Knowing when to suggest getting help is difficult if you are unsure about signals that indicate there is a problem at hand. Here is some information to read over so you recognize the signs of a functioning alcoholic and how to help them obtain necessary rehabilitation at our New England alcohol rehab center.

Signs of a Functioning Alcoholic

There are a few indications that someone is struggling with an alcohol-related problem even though they hold a job and partake in normal actions each day. Look for the following symptoms of a functioning alcoholic:

  • Interest in alcoholic beverages over food during dining opportunities
  • Lack of hangovers even after drinking excessively
  • Irritability when alcohol is not accessible
  • Memory loss and brain function problems
  • Denial about a possible problem
  • Excuses for alcohol consumption
  • Sudden changes in behavior
  • Hiding alcoholic beverages from others

How to Approach Someone About Their Problem

Alcoholism is a disease finding outside help is often necessary for treating this condition. The best course of action is to seek treatment from a reputable center with professionals available to monitor an alcoholic throughout their recovery process. Often times individuals with alcoholism will need Hartford’s dual diagnosis treatment center because there are underlying mental hardships giving them the urge to drink heavily.

Alcoholics often shy away from treatment, especially if they do not believe they have a problem. Because of this, intervention is an option often used to help an alcoholic learn about how others feel about their addictive choices. Recovery centers offer resources for loved ones of alcoholics to aid in an intervention.

Get Help for a Loved One with Signs of a Functioning Alcoholic

Professional counseling in a caring atmosphere is one step to stop drinking completely. If you have witnessed signs of a functioning alcoholic in your loved one’s actions contact Granite Recovery Center today. Granite Recovery Centers has ten locations available for alcohol and substance abuse treatment for those living in New Hampshire and the surrounding New England states. Several methods are used in these treatment centers to help stop addictive behavior. These include but are not limited to:

Our treatment centers are known for their superiority regarding treatment quality. Our reputation surpasses other facilities in the area, as well. In addition to detoxification, treatment, and sober living assistance, each of our centers offers on-site gym accessibility and routine outings for entertainment such as bowling, paintball, or mini-golf for those enrolled in treatment. You are in good hands when coming to New England’s addiction treatment center with symptoms of a functioning alcoholic.

Allow one of our professionals to meet with you to help you or a loved one. If you have noticed signs of a functioning alcoholic present in their actions, know that recovery is obtainable with the right rehabilitation program. Taking that first step to locate the right treatment center is of the utmost importance. Help is available by contacting Granite Recovery Centers at 855.712.7784 .

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