Real Alumni Talking Real Recovery

“Not once in my life was I afraid to lose something, and now I don’t want to risk losing what I have. I wouldn’t trade this life right now for anything and I never thought I would say that.” – K.G., Granite Recovery Centers Alum

“I came to treatment at GRC and I was like, ​This is where I should be​. It’s really, really cool to actually be excited about next month and next year. I’m actually enjoying what I’m doing. I’m just really, really hopeful for my future.” – L.W., Granite Recovery Centers Alum

“Seventeen months ago I was a heroin and crack addict. My family wouldn’t speak to me. Today I have an amazing job. And I have my family back. I get to be a daughter, friend, wife, and a mom. Life is so important. I’m very blessed to have had the opportunity to do all this and be shown how to live and be a better person.” – L.R., Granite Recovery Centers Alum

“My life was a complete disaster. I could not keep a job, I couldn’t really keep people in my life. A year and ten months later my life is beautiful. As an addict, I thought that my purpose was to shoot dope until I die and that’s how it was going to be. And that’s really sad to me now. I still have days where I get angry, I get sad, and upset. But I don’t have to stick a needle in my arm anymore over it.” – A.L., Granite Recovery Centers Alum

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“Entering into recovery has just provided me with a life that’s better than what I thought was possible for myself and better than what I hoped for.” – A.Y., Granite Recovery Centers Alum

“Today I know how it feels to belly laugh. I can keep a job and I can be a good employee. I can help people. I have the trust of my mom. I have the trust of my friends. I have to pinch myself sometimes because the girl I am right now is not the same person who walked into recovery six years ago.” – C.P, Granite Recovery Centers Alum

“The best thing I got from getting sober was the ability to be just okay at any given day. I wake up okay. I don’t have these obsessive thoughts anymore. I’m okay. I’m content. I’m happy.” – M.S., Granite Recovery Centers Alum

“I had no job, I had no family, I had no friends left. What recovery has given me the tools that I need to walk through difficult times. If you had asked me then what my life would be like ten months down the road, I would have sold myself short. Life is good. I couldn’t have drawn it up this good.” – R.F., Granite Recovery Centers Alum

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“I was a broken heroin addict. I didn’t want to live, I didn’t see purpose in living. All there was was heroin and alcohol and anything I could use to fill the void. But today, I’m happy. I have purpose. I get to show people what was given to me through Granite Recovery Centers, which has been amazing. And I’m really grateful for that.” – S.A., Granite Recovery Centers Alum

“I never felt like I was part of something that really, truly mattered. That’s what recovery has given to me. Granite Recovery Centers saved my life and gave me a brand new one.” – A.Y., Granite Recovery Centers Alum

“I will never forget the first person I met when I walked through the doors of Green Mountain Treatment Center – what she said to me and how great it made me feel. And I want to forever give that back and give somebody else hope that it does get better. And I’m incredibly grateful for what I had to go through to get to where I am today.” – S.S., Granite Recovery Centers Alum

“I was scared throughout my using. And I knew that if I continued on, I was gonna die. It was getting really tough, because as a family unit, we were really struggling. This place saved my life. And it continues to save my life.” – R.L., Granite Recovery Centers Alum

“The Granite House got me to where I am today. I learned that in residential rehab treatment you get a lot of the tools for recovery but it’s applying those tools in the real world is what’s important. That’s what the Granite House taught me.” – S.M., Granite Recovery Centers Alum

“One of the biggest gifts I’ve gotten through the 12 Steps is having that peace of mind. And when you come to the Granite House with the community it has, you have so many people that have the same common bond. You end up getting out of yourself and start to talk to people again. And that’s a big thing.” – B.P., Granite Recovery Centers Alum

“The Granite House, and the people I went through the house with, made me want to be a better person. It made me realize that there is so much life to live out there. The gifts of sobriety are endless.” – K.S., Granite Recovery Centers Alum

“When my daughter came out of that rehab [Granite Recovery Centers], I watched her flourish as her own person. And look what she’s doing! She’s giving back. She’s paying it forward now.” – H.C., mother of Granite Recovery Centers Alum

“I went to other treatment facilities and I was handed worksheets and taught to stay away from certain people and places. At Green Mountain, working the Steps was a completely new way of life. It doesn’t just work for drug addicts, it’s a program to make people better. If you put the work in, you will see results. It’s really unbelievable.” – M.S., Granite Recovery Centers Alum

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“The Granite House has really impacted my life a lot. It has helped me become a better person.” – T.G., Granite Recovery Centers Alum

“Green Mountain is amazing. They saved his life. They listened and really let us feel very comfortable in what we had to say and we needed that. The staff at Green Mountain completely saved his life. They saved my life.” – P.J., mother of Granite Recovery Centers Alum

“Getting to Green Mountain, I had this feeling of relief that finally, somebody would know what to do with me, somebody would know how to help me, somebody would know how I could get better. Today I have a life that I never imagined I was capable of having.” – K.W., Granite Recovery Centers Alum