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Signs Your Partner is Abusing Substances

Substance use disorder does not look the same on every person. Some people are high-functioning drug addicts or alcoholics, holding down jobs, taking care of

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The Link Between Alcoholism and Sleep Disorders

Two of the more prominent disorders in the United States may not seem related at first glance: alcohol use disorder and sleep disorders. The statistics

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What is ‘Sober Curious’?

Many adults’ social lives revolve around alcohol, from attending significant events like weddings and birthday parties to participating in sporting and networking events. After attending

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Habits of Happy People in Sobriety

Sobriety can get complicated from time to time, but many people become happier than they have ever been in their life when they get sober.

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How to Stay Sober Over the Summer

Summer is usually a very relaxing season. Most people look forward to spending time with their loved ones, attending pool parties and concerts, going for

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What is Social Drinking?

It’s estimated that about 85% of people 18 and over have drunk alcohol at least once in their lifetime. There’s no doubt that alcohol is

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Can Tapering from Alcohol Ease Withdrawal?

Alcohol is a legal and widely available substance, so it might be surprising for you to hear that alcohol withdrawals can be quite serious and

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How to Manage Survivor’s Guilt

Survivor’s guilt is very common for those who have gone through a traumatic experience or are diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). This type of

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Tips for Dealing with Intrusive Thoughts

The mind is a mysterious thing. The average person has about 12,000 to 60,000 thoughts per day, and many of the thoughts that pop into