Granite Recovery Centers of New Hampshire offer addiction therapy services to help people begin to conquer addiction. Our addiction treatment programs use a 12-Step rehab curriculum alongside clinical evidence-based therapies. If you or a loved one has fallen victim to addiction, seriously consider how NH addiction therapy services can help you overcome addiction and live the life that you deserve.

What is Addiction?

Clients enjoying their NH addiction therapy servicesAddiction is a behavioral issue. It is not something that happens to a certain type of person. It develops over time due to a plethora of circumstances. Anyone can become addicted. Addiction based on people’s personality, class, the color of their skin, gender, nothing, addiction is entirely unbiased and ready to pounce at any time. So, how does it happen?

Your brain is a complicated organism made up of many parts that work together to make you who you are. Your brain is in constant communication with itself, from compartment to compartment, down to the cellular level. When you use substances that make you feel good or alter your behavior, altering your brain chemistry as well.

Most substances used to make a person feel good will interact with two major areas of the brain:

  • The Basal Ganglia – This area is your reward center. When you drink or take drugs, this area of the brain feels stimulated
  • The Extended Amygdala – This is the area in charge of your stress response. When you drink or do drugs, this area feels repressed

Over time, you will build up a tolerance to your substance of choice. This is because as the chemical hangs around in your brain, your brain cells will produce more receptors for the chemicals to interact with. You have more holes to plug with your substance of choice to feel good again. This will cause your brain to think that something is wrong when the substance is not present.

How Addiction Occurs in the Brain

When you are out of drugs or alcohol, your basal ganglia and extended amygdala will signal to your prefrontal cortex (decision-making area) that you must have drugs or alcohol or you will die. When you become addicted to a substance, your brain changes to think that drugs or alcohol are as crucial as food, water, or sleep.

As you can see, this can happen to anyone. Research is still ongoing, but this is the basic understanding of how addiction comes to be and why people sometimes have to hit “rock bottom” to stop. There currently is no pill that you can take to put your brain back to normal, so it is up to you to get through this and out to the other side. Getting help from qualified people in NH addiction therapy services or addiction therapy programs close to Massachusetts is the best way to beat your addiction and live the life you have always dreamed of.

What Addiction Therapy Services Will I Find At Granite Recovery Centers?

Granite Recovery Centers offer a range of services located throughout New Hampshire. We have a medical detox facility for those that need extra care. Sometimes, people that have been using for a long time will experience severe symptoms while detoxing and need additional supervision. There are residential rehab facilities for women and men. There are sober living homes for both genders, and there are outpatient programs as well.

At each level of care, you will have a counselor with whom you will set goals and work toward them. You will also participate in 12-Step support groups, create an aftercare plan for when you leave, and you will participate in the following types of addiction therapy programs by our clinicians in both individual and group settings:

Contacting Granite Recovery

If you feel that you need help with an addiction, then give Granite Recovery Centers a call at 855.712.7784. We look forward to hearing from you and getting you on the path to sobriety.