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Pritts Recovery Center

Pritts Recovery Center

Recovery Meetings & Activities

The Pritts Recovery Center is a 9000-square-foot meeting and event space located at the Granite Recovery Centers headquarters at 6 Manor Parkway, Salem, NH. The entrance to the Pritts Recovery Center is located on the lower left side of the building. The space was named for 12-Step pioneer and friend of GRC, Don Pritts (1934-2005). From 1967 until the end of his life, Don Pritts worked tirelessly to carry the message of 12-Step-centered recovery to alcoholics and drug addicts throughout the United States and well beyond. During one five-year stretch, Don spent every weekend traveling the country serving men and women in need of help. Don worked extensively with the incarcerated and even carried the 12 Steps to those suffering in the Soviet Union. His deep interest in Native American culture and spirituality was reflected in his understanding of the 12th Step which he expressed terms of “the giveaway”. In Native American culture the giveaway is understood to be a means of giving thanks, of bringing people together, of teaching, and of distributing wealth to the benefit of all in the community.
Don was passionate about this high-minded, beautiful concept. It is in the spirit of kindness that Don lived his life that we created the Pritts Recovery Center in his name. In doing so, we seek to pay homage to the memory of one of AA’s most remarkable and humble servants. In the spirit of “the giveaway”, the Pritts Recovery Center offers recovery activities that are free to anyone wishing to find recovery and for those continuing their recovery journey. We offer Heroin Anonymous meetings, yoga, recovery workshops, family recovery workshops, Alumni meetings and reunions, “Big Book” workshops, and monthly Family Workshops. The Pritts Recovery Center also hosts presentations by notable speakers, authors, and recovery thought leaders from across the U.S.

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Weekly Meetings:


7:30 PM – 8:30 PM Heroin Anonymous Download Flyer


5:00 PM to 6:15 PM Yoga and Contemplation with Piers K. 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM Recovery Workshop with Piers K. Download Flyer


7:00 PM – 8:30 PM Family Recovery Workshop: We welcome all families and loved ones of those affected by the disease of addiction. Download Flyer


7:30-8:30 PM Weekly Alumni Meeting All are welcome! Alumni, friends of alumni, sponsors, and sponsees. Download Flyer


10:00 AM – 12:00 PM Inner Fire – A Women’s Meditation Meeting This meeting focuses on the 11th step of the Big Book! Download Flyer

For questions about Pritts Recovery Center, please dial 855.712.7784 .

Meetings and Events Center
6 Manor Parkway, Salem, NH 03079 Calls for Pritts: 603-328-5403